How To Overcome Entrepreneurial Burnout

Being an entrepreneur in the current Nigerian economic environment can be demanding, exhausting and frustrating. This can result in you abandoning everything you have done for years because of the exhaustion. When you think of the power shortage, the dollar to naira exchange rate and the economic uncertainties, anyone will just give up. But you know from the moment you decided to become an entrepreneur, it was a risk. There is no way to can escape entrepreneurial burnout. It is how you manage or overcome the exhaustion of burnout that is important.

Establish realistic goals

Having goals is important to our lives whether you are an entrepreneur or not. As for an entrepreneur, it is essential you set realistic and achievable goals so that you remain rational if in any case, you don't get the desired results. So, the rule of thumb to should be to always set realistic goals.

Try to delegate

Entrepreneurs have so many responsibilities that they are likely to be overwhelmed by these medley of responsibilities. So, you should also try to delegate duties so that you can free up your schedule and have more time to yourself. This will ensure that your business run smoothly whether you are available or not.

Find a balance between business and family

There is every tendency that you may not find a balance between your business and family. This is because you have to satisfy both business and family so that they won't clash. So, try as much as possible to spend as much time with family as you spend managing your business. Simply find a balance.

Don't forget why you started

There are moments that you feel like packing everything up. However, if you are on the verge of doing this, remember the reason why you started. This will motivate you to restart or reactivate your entrepreneurial spirit and encourage you to move on. You can also imagine the impact of giving up in your life.

Take time off  

Going on vacation will no doubt help you recover from any burnout you may be experiencing. Ensure that your getaway is devoid of any work distraction. However, ensure that you should provide an emergency number which you can be contacted.

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