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Igbo Stereotypes Nigerians Are Tired of Hearing

May 31, 2017 By Obiaks 1.7K
The Igbo tribe of Eastern Nigeria is one of the three leading ethnic groups in Nigeria. There are so many good and amazing things about them but like it is in many situations negative perception usually overshadow the good ones. This is the same with the Igbos. Nigerians have this perception about the Igbos which are usually false and have been over flogged. 

Igbos Love Money

The love of money cannot be restricted to the Igbos alone. Hausa, Yorubas and the individuals belonging to the other over 200 ethnic groups in Nigeria love money. As far as any Nigerian earn their monies legally, there is no problem.

Igbos prefer to do business rather than going to school

Give to the Igbos, they are one of the most industrious and hardworking people in this country. Some persons have gone as far as saying that they are the ones who will help revamp the Nigerian economy via their Abba made goods. Despite this, not all Igbos prefer to do business. They have personalities like Chinua Achebe and Chief Alex Ekwueme who are well educated and known all over the world even though they are into business.

Marrying an Igbo woman is expensive

This may be slightly true because some Nigerians have complained about the demands of Igbo parents for wedding their daughters. Regardless, weddings are quite expensive in Nigeria and this cut across all tribes. So, before you date or marry Igbo girl, there are some things you should know so that you won't complain when the bills start coming. Nigerians love to party and they do not mind borrowing money to celebrate a talk-of-the-town wedding and lodge in one of the best hotels in Lagos after the wedding.

Igbos don't have respect

Yorubas have been tagged the most respectful tribe in Nigeria. Hence, oftentimes, many Yorubas brand  Igbos as disrespectful. The fact is anyone can be disrespectful. It is unfair to single out the Igbos as disrespectful. Nigerians have heard this so many times and it has become a cliche.

All Igbo girls are fair skinned

Yes, many Igbo girls are fair skinned. But you can not generalize and just conclude that all of them are light in complexion. There are also many dark-skinned Igbo girls around.

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