Here Are Cool Tools To Help You Focus While Working Online

In most offices today, many of the jobs are done with the use of the internet. While working, there is a possibility that you may want to check out some of your favourite social media or news websites. For others, these websites are distracting, hence many organizations prefer to block websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube amongst others so that their employees can focus on their jobs. 


FocalFilter is a Windows based application that can help you focus by provisionally blocking distracting websites. After the block timer runs out, your websites are available for you to view again. The unique thing about FocalFilter is that when you block a website on particular browsers, it will automatically block that same website on other browsers.


LeechBlock is mostly used for Mozilla Firefox. You can create at least six sets of websites to block. However, ensure you go through provided options to effectively  use the extension.

Chrome Nanny

Chrome Nanny is a Google Chrome extension which you can use to block  websites. You can set up white-lists, black-lists and the extent to which the black-listed websites are blocked. It is flexible and it can also be disabled or uninstalled.

Website Blocker

If you don't want to use Chrome Nanny, Website Blocker is a perfect alternative. You schedule the particular time you want to block distracting websites. When the time elapses, you will have access to the websites again.


SelfControl is a mac based app which blocks access to incoming and outgoing mail servers and websites for a period of time. For self control, you can unblock a website until the time elapse. This is not the same with the aforementioned apps.

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