Technology Will Soon Ruin Your Love Life

By any means, technology is having a huge impact on relationships especially when it has to do with communication. In the same vein, technology has abruptly ended pleasant and loving relationships. Unfortunately, very few people are aware of this. Here are tips on obvious signs to look out for to protect their love from the dangers of technology.  

You cannot enjoy a dinner until you take a photo of the meal

A dinner is meant for two. However, there is always a third companion which is your phone. During your date, you cannot enjoy time out with your spouse without fiddling with your phone or taking photos of especially your meal. At the end of the day, you will realize that both of you don't really know much about each other aside from the food and other selfies you both took and post on each other's social media page.

You are always flirting online

It is easier to meet people online. Gone are the days when men only approach women in church or on the road. Today, there virtual relationships. It is not that these virtual relationship are important to you. You are just doing it for fun. Unknown to you, you spend more time flirting online than talking to your partner. Your relationship is heading into troubled to waters.

You share too many details about your relationship on social media

If you do not want to ruin your relationship, do not share anything about your relationship online. it is unethical as it is advisable keep all private matters private. Even your partner may not like the idea of publicizing your relationship on social media whether it is on twitter or Facebook.

Stalking each other  

In a transparent and trustworthy relationship, you do not need to stalk each other. But, due  to your own insecurity, you become a detective overnight. You go as far as checking the pictures and profile of their partners online to satisfy your unfounded suspicion, and even track the phones and text messages of their partner. What will you  

Rarely pay each other visits

Visiting or seeing each other often is another way to groom your relationship. However, due to instant messages and social media, you do not deem it necessary to check on your partner. Soon, the foundation on which you built your relationship will begin to crumble and the zeal to work for the relationship will begin to dissipate

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