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Great tips for Tourists Traveling to Northern Nigeria

May 19, 2017 By Obiaks 2K
Northern Nigeria is made up of 19 states and in many of these cities, there are amazing destinations which tourists love to visit. In Kaduna, the magnificent Kajuru Castle is sited, the ancient Kano City Wall in Kano, the popular Yankari Games reserve in Bauchi, the Gashaka Gumpti park between Adamawa and Taraba and the Chappal Waddi Mountain in Taraba with the tallest mountain in Nigeria. There is so much to discover in this part of Nigeria. For tourists who are craving for a hitch free adventure in Northern Nigeria,, Africa's No.1 hotel booking portal roll-out some helpful tips.

Do not dress scantily

A large chunk of the states in Northern Nigeria are predominantly Muslim. The religion has a huge influence on their way of life. In line with religious beliefs, women wear clothes which cover their body. Therefore, one of the things that will endear tourists to the locals especially for the women is to cover their body, They take exception to scantily clad women. And do not always cover your hair whether you are a Muslim or non-Muslim.

Prepare for the hot climate

The climate in Northern Nigeria is very hot. So, this is one of the battles you have to overcome on a visit to the region. So, you need a hat, sunglasses and bottles of water. So, you have to plan your itinerary properly so that your trip is not disrupted by the scorching sun. Importantly, do not go mountain climbing if you cannot withstand the stress.

Get a local who speak hausa fluently

Having someone who can speak the local language has its pros. You get everything you buy at an affordable price, and you will feel secured especially when you are among strangers. The truth is that you cannot find your way if you do not speak Hausa. So hire someone who speak hausa.

Stay away from religious arguments

Whether you agree or disagree with their religious creed, you should keep it to yourself. As a tourists you should focus on exploring the various destination at your disposal. They do not joke with their religion especially persons. Do not allow anyone drag you into any religious argument. Always remember that you are a tourists.

Avoid public display of affection

Men and women mingling is not frowned let alone displaying your affection to your lover. If you want to display any affection, you must do private and also ensure that men and women do things separately.

Be security conscious

The government is winning the war against Boko Haram and peace is returning to Northeast Nigeria. However, this doesn't wander indiscriminately.  In addition, always remember to inform your friends about your whereabouts.

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