The New Trend: Whistle Blowing Policy At Our Doorstep (all You Need To Know)

A new program has been put in place by the federal government to help curbs financial crisis, bribery and corruption in both high and low places. This is to encourage people with useful information about looted funds to report such for proper investigation. This program is coordinated by the investigative unit under the presidential initiative on continuous Audit within the ministry of finance.

Anybody can be a whistleblower and it comes with financial benefits. The reward scheme set minimum and maximum standards of 2.5% and 5% respectively as a reward for any whistle blowers. This percentage would be removed from the total monies recovered from a single whistleblower recovery.

So what does this policy entails. Simply put it is for individuals with useful information about violation of government financial regulation, mismanagement or misappropriation of public funds and assets, violation of government procurement procedures, financial malpractice, fraud and theft of public assets to make a report to the appropriate authorities.

You can blow your whistle also on the following corrupt areas: if there is manipulation of FG data or records in various offices, taking or giving bribe, unrecorded expenses, diversion of government funds and assets and any form of corruption involving government funds and assets.

So do you have such information, then log  into its  online secured portal  to submit your tips and report. your identity would not be disclosed or you could email need be to call, you could reach them on 0909 806 7946.

The information provided most be genuine and devoid of malicious intent or getting back at anybody. The programme has also made provision for whistleblowers safety, that may later feel insecure and in danger, they will be protected and entitled to strict covers.

The work of the whistle blower is a continuous one, after submission, the whistleblower is expected to monitor the status of the report submitted. This will be done within 10 working days of submitting the information to PICA (Presidential Initiative on Continuous Audit).

Finally, do not blow any whistle if you are not sure of an information, speculations or rumors. Because this is seen as a criminal offence by the law and it attracts a penalty or a prosecution by law enforcement agencies.

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