Improve Your Health With These Money-saving Home-based Remedy For Common Ailments

From time immemorial, there are some ailments that occur to us on a daily basis, if one is not down with common cold, it might be sore throat and down to stomach upset. We are always battling with one of these ailments.

The pharmaceutical department has always enlightened us on the effect of taking drugs all the time and that there is no drug without a side effect no matter how simple we think they drugs are. So where does this leave us? We are left with no other option than to minimize the intake of these drugs and opt for natural remedies, which are a lot better for us now and in the long run.

From the assertions of an outstanding natural health practitioner or naturopath, the following are the benefits of naturally treating common ailment:

They remedies are relatively less expensive

It can be accessed easily because some are things we see around our homes

Chemicals are not included in them. They are chemical free

No short or long term effect after usage

There's nothing artificial about them. They are as natural as they come.

Very easy to prepare and use

These natural remedies can boost our immune system which in turn helps to fight these diseases naturally.

With the above outlined benefits, it is high time we embrace these natural remedies especially in the case of emergency to relieve the pains or drastically reduced the effect of the ailment.

The following common ailment can conveniently be treated at home without needing to see a doctor but if it persist after several attempts, then you consult your doctor.


Have you been feeling nauseated or disgusted by a sight or it just happen without anything happening to you and you want to put the feeling behind you as quickly as possible, and then do the following as put forward by an expert. Infuse fresh ginger into hot water, strain, and then freeze the concoction in ice cube trays. When freezed crush the icy chips and suck it all day, this will give the needed soothing dribble.

Having a prolonged hiccups

Experts say swallow 1 or 2 spoons of sugar. It is believed that sugar stimulates and rest irritated nerve that could be causing the diaphragm to spasms. So try this when in this position

Sore throat soothing

Mix a glass of warm water with garlic cloves preferable 6-7 cloves. Gargle the water twice daily. This can be done for three days to clear the throat. This work like magic because fresh garlic juice is said to have antimicrobial properties that can fight pain causing bacteria and the warm water will help in soothing the inflamed tissue.

Urinary tract infection

Have been thinking of how to get rid of UTI naturally especially if the wherewithal is not available then worry no more. All you need is a cranberry juice. Just drink the quantity you are comfortable with. Studies shows that cranberries contain compounds called proanthocynidins that helps to keep harmful bacteria far away from the bladder and you can go further to take a preventive measure by chewing sweetened dried cranberries everyday to keep Urinary tract infection at bay.

Common cough

Are you battling with incessant cough and you are tired of buying drugs, then try this home remedy of either taking a few cups of hot water with salt or take grapes, recent research has showed that the properties in grape can sooth an inflamed throat.

Common cold

Experts recommend drinking at least 6 glasses of water daily to eradicate cold or taking a glass of lemon juice. It is believe that drinking lemon juice a day would help raise the body's resistance.


Do you just realize you got blister on your body due to fever, hard or manual labor or unexplained circumstance? then all you need do is to apply a petroleum jelly to the skin or better still apply cold compress on the affected area to ease pains.


Are you down with fever, you can have a relief with this home-based remedy. Just eat oranges for energy restoration. Experts say that taking oranges replenishes the body with the needed energy to fight unwanted illnesses. If you have milk at home, you can also make do by drinking a glass.


Instead of going for artificial antacid for comfort, you can get the same comfort from these natural antacid like drinking the baking soda. You just need to dissolve a table spoon of baking soda in a cup of water and gulp down or you can easily grab one or two fingers of banana to eat for a relief.

Bad breath

You can eradicate this problem by just licking the yogurt, so if you having problem with your breathe.try this simple home-based remedy

This list is inexhaustible ,there are so many common ailment that one can treat naturally especially at home without having to consult or see a doctor. Don't just read them but act on them. Do you have more home-based  health remedies, then share with us in the comments section.



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