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See What Your Urine Says About Your Health With Its Home-Based Remedy

Mar 17, 2017 By best 3.5K

Urine analysis is one of the ways of telling yourself the truth about your well being. a urine analysis is simply a test of the urine .it could also be a set of screening tests that can be used to ascertained the presence of infection or medical conditions in our system. The color of your urine is a very good way of knowing your stands medically. Some diseases like diabetes, urinary tract infection, liver problem, kidney disorder and other health conditions can be detected on time through observing the color of our urine.

An outstanding urinalysis expert at the biochemical testing laboratory in new York city opined that observing our urine periodically at home will help people to live longer, because immediately you notice the change in your urine color then a more routine checkup should be carried out and followed up immediately to rule out more dangerous health implication which could lead to untimely dead or the body organs being ravaged by infections.

This home based test comes in handy at all times, because it is easy to observe

Less expensive

You don't need any equipment or device; just observe with your eyes.

Unhealthy medical conditions can be detected quite early through the quick observation.

Early and quick medical intervention can bring about the needed help at that point in time.

Little home- based remedies can be applied to alleviate some minor problems.

 So what are you waiting for, start observing your urine color to immediately ascertain when things goes wrong with your body. This is what the color of your urine says about your health and how to remedy them.

Transparent color

If the color of your urine is transparent, it apparently shows you are over hydrated.  This simply means you have been drinking too much water and too much dilute urine. According to experts over hydration can lead to hyponatremia, which means that sodium in the blood has become too diluted and you can start experiencing nausea, bloating, headache, spasm, muscle weakness etc. so if you notice this reduce your intake of water, better still stick with the recommended 8 glasses of water daily.

Pale yellow

This is a normal color; it shows the person is healthy and hydrated. To increase the chances of having this color of urine is to watch your daily dietary intake. Take balanced diet, keep away from harmful substances that could damage your organs and drink clean pure water.

Dark yellow urine

This is also considered almost normal by urinalysis experts but some factors may also bring about this color of urine like some medication. Vitamins pills and supplements. All you need do in this case to have a pale yellow color is to stay hydrated. Drink more water.

Brownish orange urine

Clinical experts believes one's urine can be this color due to dehydration, i.e. drinking less water or possibly the sign that one's liver is infected or dysfunctional and you are likely to be confronted with kidney stones or infections. It can also be caused by some medication taken at a given time like taking drugs like chloroquine , metronidazole, cascara etc. you can change your color of urine to normal by consuming foods with less beta-carotene and drinking more water. Meet your physician to rule out infection but if it is due to infection, then you need some prescriptions from your Doctor to clear up the infection and normalized the color.

Reddish or pinkish urines

This urine color can be a possible sign of urinary tract infection, kidney diseases, and tumor. It has also been ascertained that one's urine could be this color through one's diets like eating beet roots, blackberries rhubarb etc. even some medication like propofol and ibuprofen can bring about this urine change. for treating this color of urine especially from your diet aspect, you need to see a naturopath to help  in the healing of the body through recommending a balanced diet for you and for the infections, see your doctor for proper evaluation and treatment.

Blue or green urine

Experts say, this is the sign of rare genetic diseases or medical conditions like hypercalcaemia or from food colors. For treatment of this urine color, first check label of food and reduce the consumption of food with dye addition, reduce asparagus ingestion, minimized drinking beverages with high coloration instead replace it with water. If the urine color still persists after this, visit your Doctor.

Foaming and fizzing urine

Though this could be harmless hydraulic effect but other underlining causes includes excess protein in one's diet and could of course it could be a kidney infection, bilirubin in the urine and air bubbles present in the urine. Remedy for this type of urine color includes seeing a dietician for a healthy eating plan and also seeing a Doctor for more evaluation and medical advice.

There you have them, start observing your urine for a healthy you.




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