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New Studies Alert;See Why You Need An Orgasm

Mar 08, 2017 By best 2.1K

Sexual orgasm could be described as an intense feeling of release during sexual stimulation. When we engage in sexual activities, a lot of times we are after thrusting and petting and before long we are on our way out, leaving our partners bare and frustrated. Recent studies have shown that apart from sex being carried out for pleasure and for the act of procreation. The best effect of sex is having orgasm as it have a very positive effect on human nature which includes emotionally, psychologically, physiologically and otherwise.

In the words of a renowned sex therapist, Hanna Beth. Orgasm experienced by both partners' gives the parties better bonding experience devoid of resentment, frustration and bitterness because the both partners will derive the same benefits associated with orgasm

Before now spouse and partners were interested in the benefits of sex such as gaining pleasure, showing love and ultimately for procreation without bothering about orgasm especially for the women but it is on record that getting to orgasm comes with much more benefits than the earlier mentioned benefits.

Looking at the amazing benefits of having orgasm as enumerated by online studies, we should strive to achieve orgasm during any sexual stimulation. They following have been enumerated as benefits of achieving an orgasm

Orgasm fights depression and anxiety

According to scientists, orgasm helps to stimulate a love hormone known as oxytocin to be released. This hormone suppresses anxiety and depression when cortisol concentrations are lowered. So if you are always anxious especially for nothing. You could try achieving an orgasm and let the chemical reaction takes the problem away.

Orgasm helps to curb infidelity

Nothing keeps partners faithful to one another than achieving orgasm during sex said, Mrs. love Day. A renowned marriage counselor. Orgasms give the couple the needed satisfaction sexually and curb the roving eyes of trying to get sexual satisfaction elsewhere. This singular act helps to minimized or killed cheating tendencies. So to help your partner stay faithful, help them achieve orgasm during sex.

Orgasm helps to relax the nerves

You can't believe what orgasm can do to your wrecking nerves, it sounds weird but it is a fact. When once one achieves orgasm tension is released and the whole body is at a relaxed mood. According to sexologists it is opined that love hormone oxytocin stimulates feelings of warmth and relaxation leaving the body in a stress free mood. So if you have been stressed all day, you can try achieving an orgasm to help you relax your nerves and put you in a right frame of mind.

Kill sleepless night with an achieved orgasm

From testimonies of couples questioned on the importance of having an orgasm, it was answered in the affirmative that orgasm gives that long sound sleep, they craved for. A lot of times what causes insomnia is psychological than physical like bad thoughts, depression, worries, fears etc. these are problems orgasm seek to kill at least to make you sleep and leave the problems for later. So when faced with sleeping problems and you're in your comfort zone, i.e. with your partner try having an orgasm to calm your nerves and sooner than you think, you would be having a good sleep. It is on record that the release of endorphins during orgasm has a sedative effect.


Orgasm promote longevity

A new twist has been added to the benefits of partners achieving orgasm which is living for a long time. The sex expert in California has reiterated that partners that achieved orgasm, which is sexual satisfaction are bound to bond better and hereby, hinder any of these partners trying to get this satisfaction elsewhere. which could lead to contracting of one or two STDS by one or two of the partners and subsequently could lead to early death especially for diseases without permanent cure. So if you want to live long enjoy achieving orgasm only with your trusted partner.

Orgasm makes partners age gracefully

Health experts believe that orgasm can help makes one radiates and look half his or her age because they think intercourse helps to release the human growth hormones, which makes the body come alive. And from recent research carried out by Columbia medical students, it was found out by the female folks especially that the feel alive, cheerful and good after an orgasm. So it is necessary that partners strive to make one achieve orgasm for their common good.

Some person have been unable to achieve orgasm which could be due to medical ,emotional, psychological or health problems but the general consensus is for you to try the below tips to help you achieve orgasm and derive all the benefits  that comes with it.

Let go of your body and relax during sex, no fidgeting or being unnecessarily nervous

Tell your partner the right places to touch, don't be a potatoes bag, take active part and speak up.

Get into sexual mood and be on the same page with your partner, remember that the males climax differently; in fact theirs come quite early, so you need to be in sync with your partner to reach the climax the same time.

Keep your thought in check, leave all the worries and concentrate on having an orgasm. Focus on this aim.

Treat all infections to have a better result and let go of our body so as to well lubricated naturally especially for the women.

Finally, to achieve orgasm without guilt or regrets please this action should be done with one's spouse and partner. This write up does not encourage random ejaculation. So be wise.






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