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Check Out The Clubs You Shouldn't play For As An Upcoming Footballer

Mar 06, 2017 By best 2.1K
The world footballers association has said in a statement that instead of Africans and other nationals playing for some clubs in Malta, they would be better off playing in Africa and other countries and this was confirm by a Nigerian player. Footballers are advised to stay away from joining these two clubs in Malta because of their unprofessionalism.

The two clubs in Malta's 12 –team premier league from evidence shows that the treat foreign players poorly and these includes players from Nigeria, United States and other nationals. The two clubs are Mosta FC and Pembroke Athleta. It is on record that the hardly pay their players on time and even housed their players in cramped conditions. The amount of complains by the players couldn't changed this, rather they get threatened to be sacked.

FiFpro has spoken to some players and found out that foreign players about 15 or more are squeeze into four –bedroom house after signing to play for Mosta, there isn't a central heating unit and the players are left in the cold and at Pembroke Athleta salaries are not paid on time and even the players complain of non-payment of salaries is greatly ignored.

According to the 2016 released FiFpro global employment Report, the percentage of players not paid on time was as high as 79% while those not supported by good  medical  conditions was pegged at 49% and even the pay earn by most players was less than $2000 per month.

With all these evidence brought against them, they have remained adamant and have devised a means of getting rid of old players and bringing in new ones to replace them said a player.

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