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Modern Ways of Losing Weight Naturally

Feb 11, 2017 By best 2.9K

It is a natural and normal thing to always want to eat and gulp down whatever we see in sight, especially for people with sweet tooth. We cannot do without an in-between snacks before or after meals and instead of snacking on healthy foods, we readily go for the unhealthy ones with loaded calories and   health consequences. We keep on piling up weight and wake up one day to scream, what is happening? My clothes are no longer sizing me, there're ill-fitted or I'm becoming shapeless.

The next thing our processed thought our mind present to us is we must lose that weight immediately, forgetting that the weight gain was a gradual process and the logical thing to do is to think of an effective and permanent things to do. We begin with self- hurting, less result-oriented and temporary solution that will leave us frustrated, angry, gaining more weight and a dysfunction body.

I have come up with simple well-researched, professional and practical ways in which body weight can be drastically reduced with no effect at all. Have you been struggling with your body weight either to reduce it or maintain it? Then put into practice these listed ways and see the weight peel off without much ado.

Watch your caloric intake

We must have realized by now that everything we eat and gulp down apart from water contains calories. The health experts' have come up with the numbers of calories that should be consumed daily by both males and females. These numbers have been peg at averagely 2700 for males and 2000 for women. We know that 3500 calories make a body pound, so to lose at least a body pound a week, we could reduced our calories intake by 500 calories daily, that way we will be losing 1kg a week and at 4 weeks we should have peel off 4kg.The trick here is to dump high caloric foods and settle for less calories filled foods that are satisfying. If you still want to get in your snacks, you could use the trick of dividing it into four pieces and taking a piece daily. This way you do not miss your favorites totally, but you are eating them minimally not to exceed the recommended calories per day. With this idea you can lose and maintain weight even in your sleep.

Load up on water and other high water content foods

Get enough water into the body, because it is quite filling and has zero calories says dietitian Beth Moore. Why? It doesn't contain fat, protein or carbohydrate. In fact, cold water is" negative calorie" since the body would have to warm it to the body temperature; apparently a lot of energy will be expended on that. So try to take the recommended glasses of water, it will aid digestion, flush out toxics and keep you full to avoid taking in too much calories and not forgetting other water content foods like fruits and vegetables which are healthier option for the body and can be taken before meals, this way less food will be consumed during meal time while the roughages and fibers from the veggies keep us full throughout the day.

Exercise our best bet

The best way of expending energy is standing up to shake off the piles says Bariatrician Maurer Karl, A bariatric physician with a California medical college. of course ,we use up energy by even the tiniest of task we do, that is why Karl advocated for non-organized exercises which people are bound to do everyday than the organized ones. So if you are finding it difficult to wear your sporting shoes for any form of organized exercise like jogging, jumping, skipping, cardio, aerobics in general then you can stay permanently with the non-organized ones like sweeping, cleaning, wiping, washing, scrubbing and all that household chores. The whole idea according to Karl is just to get the heart pumping and elevated, breaking a sweat and sweating out the fat.

Portion control

A lot of us can't do without our favorite foods, snacks and drinks and cutting them totally off can be suicidal, well, health experts says, we can still indulge in them but at a reduced rate and portion. The recommended measurement is the size of your hand-fist, so whatever you want to eat, you could do so but it shouldn't exceed the hand -fist portion size especially for the not so healthy food like the cakes, chips, burgers and other sweetened dough with very high calories content. It should be naturally sliced by halves.

Eat more of natural food

The truth is we can eat more natural foods and fruit without an increase in body size says Seattle dietitian Kerry Neville. Because the calories in natural foods and fruits aren't much compared to snacks like a bar of chocolate. E.g. a bar of chocolate contains 884 calories while three cups of whole strawberries has 138 calories. In this case we might not be able to finished 2 cups of strawberries before getting filled unlike chocolates that 4 bars can be consumed at ago and more would be needed, because of it high sugar-content and It's also not filling and at the end of the day we will be battling diseases like cancer, heart diseases, type 2 diabetes and low blood cholesterol associated with high rate of high sugar content foods.

 Don't Starve to lose weight

It is a negative way to lose weight says public health experts, because we will be putting our health in harm's way and this is definitely a very temporary measure. This method is actually bad for the body because you don't just deny your body of food which generates energy but you also starve the body of useful nutrients. I can remember my experience, I try using this method but it was effort in futility, the end result was weakness, tiredness and even increased weight gain. Health professionals postulated that this method decreases our metabolism and automatically put our body in starvation mood because the body is not getting enough nourishment .so it decides to store the little food consumed for energy and the body would begin to burn muscle protein and only burn body fat when the muscle protein has been depleted. Before then we would have given up when there are no visible signs of reduction. This temporary method can't be sustainable because sooner than we think, we will abandon it as it is hot and back to our eating spree and weight gain will be rapid. So it is better to continue eating but we should be mindful of our consumption and the rate.

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