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Top Five ways of Consuming Pastries In A Healthy Way

Feb 08, 2017 By best 2.4K

A lot of us love pastries and it would be easier to look for a needle in a haystack than we forgoing our favorite and delicious pastries like cakes, sweet deserts, puff, hamburgers, puff, pizza and all the sweetened dough that will satisfied our sweet tooth.

It can be quite difficult to resist the consumption of these snacks from their irresistible aroma to its crunchiness and sweetness. The unfortunate thing is that these pastries are not healthy for the body. According to health experts, these junk or fast foods are not healthy because of the following reasons:

         They're high in calories,

         high in cholesterol and low in healthy nutrients,

         lack  of protein and dietary fibers

         contain high sodium  mineral and sugar

         increases obesity and aid quick unhealthy weight gain

         generally, has a negative impact on the whole body throughout one's lifespan

Despite the above listed consequences, it is difficult to let go of these fast food, because they are what they are fast food which you can readily grab at the nearest hamburger outlets or fried chicken outlets, that is why our modern dietitians and nutritionists have taken upon themselves to devise means of enjoying these junks or fast foods in its healthiest form.

So are you a lover of pastries you can now indulge your cravings and sweet tooth the healthiest way by applying the renewed methods of preparing  or consuming your pastries in an healthy way . They are healthy recipe to follow without losing the delicious taste of your favorite cravings.

Practicalise with the under listed healthy ways and make do with the ones that best suit your eating routine.

Bake the pastries yourself (do-it-yourself)

This is the most efficient way of eating your pastries the healthy way. Because making the pastries yourself gives you the power to add or subtract ingredients that could be detrimental to your health, unlike when you order them from your favorite fast food joint with loads of calories, unhealthy toppings, dressings and preservatives. Baking them yourself  offers you the opportunity to actually eliminate, substitute or add some ingredients that are healthy for the body like swapping trans fat or oil with healthy oil like the olive oil, avocado or even safflower oil and even when wishing to fry one could dry fry instead of deep frying. Again, preparing them yourself gives you the edge of cutting down calories, limiting fat and oil, removing unhealthy dressings and toppings even if it was what the  recipe required. That way you will be eating your favorite pastries without taking in too many unhealthy nutrients.

 Add loads of veggies to your pastries

This is the next best bet of consuming pastries the right and healthy way. Don't be deceived that adding loads of veggies to your pastries reduces the taste and crunchiness of your pastries, this is no fact, but rather adding veggies to your pastries is really an easy way to add loads of flavor, healthy nutrients and vitamins to your pastries.  This idea gives one the privilege of enjoying pastries without guilt of taking in more calories and unhealthy nutrients. So the essence is adding more fruits and veggies to your pastries to have a good and healthy pastry.. One could bake his or her favorite cake with fruits instead of sugar, i.e. baking with natural sugar from the fruit than the calorie loaded artificial sweetener.  This still boils down to d-I-y( doing it at home) this way you can load your pizza, pies, buns, hamburger etc with lot of healthy nutrients from  tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, onions, green, red pepper, mushroom, spinach, broccoli and so on.


Take a bite at a time

When it comes to pastries, we cannot resist the option of going oversized and valued sized, so as to have a field day, well, it is not so good for the body. In eating your favorite pastries, moderation is key; don't stuff your system with too many junks which are quite unhealthy.try to resist the temptation and just have a bit of it at a time and maybe once fortnightly. Don't turn them into your main dish. When it comes to snacks with a lot of dressings and toppings minimize its consumption. Satisfied your appetite with little at a time, i.e. eat a slice at a time and save the rest for later.

Customize your orders through the outlets special offers

Why people indulges in fast foods and pastries is mostly because of lack of time, especially if one has an appointment to keep or a meeting to attend or just because the world is moving at a fast pace and same with its inhabitants and these fast food outlets are aware of this mad rush and have decided to cash in on it. since there is no  the time to prepare the pastries yourself at home, Then, you can take advantage of the special order offer granted by some fast food joint to customer to order for how you want your pastries to be and order for healthier options that are tweak to suit your desire. You could order a wheat bun in place of a hamburger, whole grain bread for a sandwich or a wheat pizza instead of a white flour pizza.

Go for pastries with nutritional value

Try to satisfy your sweet tooth with pastries of good nutritional value. Pastries with more fiber, whole grains and high quality protein like wheat bran, whole meal which will help to lower blood cholesterol level and also control blood sugar level. Even If it means paying more, then don't hesitate to buy them than going for low or cheaper option that are loaded with unhealthy nutrients like  vegetable oil, fats,  artificial sweeteners, sugar and calories. Avoid cheap pastries that as artificial Trans fats and preservatives used to keep them fresh. Go for high quality pastries with high quality toppings of dried fruit, nuts, seeds, cottage cheeses etc.though they do not come cheap, but your health will be sound and safe.

You can now enjoy your pastries the right way with these ideas. Share with us in the comments section your thought on this topic.


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