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Top-Notch Ideas For Aging Gracefully

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Growing old shouldn't cause a panic at all; it should be a phase in our lives that everyone should look forward to. According to experts growing old entails recognizing natural and biological body changes or alternations.

Being youthful has its own vibes and shines, but growing to a ripe old age gracefully is the icy on the cake, it adds more spice and beauty to life. We can possibly tag old age as the glorious last days.

It should be a great and amazing to gracefully experience the gray hairs, dim eyes, fine aging lines and maybe wrinkles here and there. They are all normal changes accompanying old age. The word of Susan Wilberforce of University of Massachusetts, Amherst should be a soothing balm, she reinforce that it should give one joy to come of age.

For some reasons, our society is so obsessed with pointing out negative aspect of aging but professionals in the field of gerontology, has proven that growing old has its own essential benefits, which I think are valid. A renowned gerontologist, professor Missy Clooney from Duke University enumerated the benefits of growing old to include the following:

Lower criminal activity

Greater political participation

Increasing voluntary organization participation

Less criminal victimization

Pension and tax benefits

Free Medicare and programmes

Freedom from child rearing and work

Retention of only good memories

From the above assertive, we can deduce that growing old is not a death sentence after all. There's absolutely nothing anyone can do about it, because the clock will continue to tick anyways. The only option we have is to age gracefully because growing old is inevitable but feeling old is not.

Aging gracefully isn't always easy said age related experts but what matter most is our attitude. You don't need to let yourself go because you believe aging is a natural course that must run its full course. We all agree to this, but you can still up your game a bit to delay or defy the aging process. It all begins and ends with our input.

You might have thought about the benefits of aging gracefully or even defying aging but the professionals of the Association of gerontology as outlined the beauty and benefits of aging gracefully and they are as follows:

Ones health will be top-notch: while others are battling arthritis and rheumatism at age 50, you will still be fit as fiddle in your 70s

Like a fine wine, you would be renewing, radiating and glowing daily, exuding charms and charisma

More graceful years would be added to your years, because you will still be looking fabulous.

You will look younger than your age and in tiptop shape

One's life starts all over again, you would have the opportunity of doing those dreamt about tasks

Enough energy and vigour to keep up with happening around, you wouldn't be too weak or frail to keep doing what you had loved doing.

The outward appearance of those aging gracefully diminishes at an arithmetic progression while those bodies not well taken care of will be depreciating at a geometric progression.

Having examined the numerous benefits one stand to gain from aging gracefully, it is pertinent to note, how this could be achieved. These are natural and do-it-yourself ideas that do not cost anything apart from one's time and interest. You don't need to break a bank to achieve this. They are tips that we should inculcate into our daily living.


Spend your youth wisely

Nothing just happen, most recent happenings are activities of yesterday's manifestation. The onus is on us to defy fast aging, because from research we are 75% responsible for early visible signs of aging like the early visible winkles and few strands of gray hair. According to experts to age well and gracefully certain habits and lifestyle should be dumped early enough such as making effort to lower cholesterol, maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regularly, alcohol and tobacco should be taken in moderation or completely cut off and good care of our body parts. This renewed lifestyle will always keep the body healthy and out of danger zone.

Exercise the brain

It is unfortunate that low memory or memory loss as well as mental disabilities come with age. To minimize this risk, studies shows that regular engaging the brain in mental stimulating activities can slow this risk to barest minimum. So it has been advised by professor Dennis Pat, A certified neurologist that we engage in daily activities that can task the brain, this could be simple activities like reading, solving little arithmetic, engaging in both passive and active thinking, so as to always keep the brain alert and in good working condition.

Indulge in regular little exercises

Nothing keeps the body alert and sooth the nerves like exercises. Penn Bank a physiotherapist postulated that exercise is an excellent way to give serotonin levels a boost as well as reduce the effects of the stress hormone cortisol. he recommended brisk walking, swimming and minor aerobics to be inculcated into our daily lives for alertness of the total body and total well being of the respiratory and digestive organs.

Get enough vitamins daily

The body sure needs these nutrients for maximum well being of a healthy immune system, cell growth, protection of the body against cancer and also diabetes. These following foods ;eggs, fatty fish, sea foods, fruits and fortified milk as been recommended by Ms Hart, a renowned nutritionist for at least 400 IU of vitamins daily. If money will be a problem you can have the daily dose of vitamin D from the early morning sun, just take an early morning sun for just 20mins daily.

Dump stress and its related problems

Nothing ages one faster than stress says a psychologist with Alberta University. Stress can add more years to a very young age. It makes oe look too old for their age and it has been found out that stress can impair the immune system, bring about depression, anxiety, weight gain and heart diseases. so leave stress filled work, people and environment.

Guard your skin jealously

Protect your skin from the skin; this will help your skin to defy fast aging. Words of skin experts is to wear sunscreen, this will help your skin to continue to glow as you grow older. Research as shown that 80% of skin problems associated with aging emanated from sun damage or excessive exposure of the skin to sun. Apply sunscreen to delay the early onset of wrinkles, blotchiness, dryness, sagging of the skin etc, for the face; a good cap will help shade it. Don't forget to consult a dermatologist if need be.

There you have them, so are there tips you know and will like to share with us, please use the comments section, we will like to read from you.

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