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Practicable Tips To Naturally Beat Low Sperm Count

Feb 02, 2017 By best 3.1K

Sperm count as described by the medical dictionary is the number of live male sperm cell in a particular amount of the liquid in which they are contained. Sperm count is used as an indication of a man's fertility. A man can either have a low or high sperm count. Sperm count 40 million to 300 million is said to be of normal range for the number of sperm per milliliter while sperm count below 10 million are said to be poor.

It is pertinent that a man that has come of age of making babies should have a high sperm count, which is a prerequisite for conception unlike the low sperm count which means that the semen one's ejaculated during an orgasm contains fewer sperm than normal, which will be a top problem for fertility.

According to Dr Brain Malcolm, the resident Doctor with fertility clinic in Connecticut, the following listed factors are the causes of low sperm count in males through the research carried out on his patients.

         A male sperm can be destroyed by antibodies i.e. immune system cells that may see sperm as intruders and then attack them

         Alteration in the hypothalamus, pituitary and testicles producing hormones can lead to hormonal imbalances and finally impair sperm production.

         Another problem is about blocked tubes that carries the sperm. Blockage may stem from injury from surgery, infections etc

         Drug and alcohol use, the consumption of these two can lower the number and quality of sperm production

         There is also the issue of overheating the testicles through sitting for too long, wearing tight clothing or working on a lap top for too long, this increases the temperature in the scrotum causing low sperm production.etc.

It is necessary that any male with a low sperm count that will need a baby immediately or latter begins to tackle this problem early enough, though there are machines, drugs, technological advanced equipments and surgeries to tackle this problem but dealing with it in a natural way will just be the best .of course, with natural remedies it will work on the entire body, it is quite inexpensive, the only cost is your devotion to practice  and remembering to do the right things, natural remedies more often than not has no side effects and remedying low sperm count naturally is no exception.

The natural remedy works on the whole system and not just on the reproductive organs, gives one the opportunity to live a healthy life, because natural remedy for low sperm dwell mostly on healthy living and good nutrition etc. so before heading to the clinic for other forms of remedies like surgery, medicines and priscriptions.try the natural way out and see how good it turns out to be.

So are you affected by low sperm count? Then try to inculcate these natural remedies into your day to day living so has to increase your sperm count.

Drink enough water

This natural cleanser will help flush out toxins from the body and system, it is on record that sperm and semen comprised of water, so take more water to increase sperm production, dehydration and low sperm count walk hand in hand, so avoid this. The recommended glasses of water to be taken by medical professionals are 8 glasses daily, so try to fulfill this.

Improve the nutritional value in your diet

This has been advocated by a lot of nutritionists and dietitians, it is foolery to consumed food with little or no nutrients at all especially the junks and processed foods. Studies have showed that healthy foods allow the body to function optimally. So swap all the chocolate, chips, fries, pizza etc for whole grains, fruits, legumes, vegetables and sources of protein, vitamins and minerals to boost sperm count.

Avoid the exposure of the testes to high temperatures

Hot or high temperature is not sperm friendly, said Beshel, A medical director with Ontario fertility clinic. So avoid heated environment like sitting in hot bathtub, using a warm laptop on your laps, wearing a tight boxer which could heat- up the reproductive organ or even sitting for too long, which has been proven medically to elevate the temperature of the testes ,hereby, affecting  sperm count.

Avoid stress of any form

Try to keep your emotional, psychological and physical problems in check, because cortisol (the stress hormone) fights the natural hormonal balance and reduces the reproductive hormones responsible for keeping the sperm count high. So if you can limit every stressful challenge in your life, please do well to keep them at bay, because these problems also contribute to low sex drive in males.

Do away with smoking

Take the words of Dr Hams Dutch of California medical school to his patients, smoking hinders the free flow of blood in the system and as such reduces the levels of a protein named protamine 2 in the body, which brings about low sperm count. So to have a high level of protamine 2 in the body which helps in high production of quality sperm, stop smoking especially if your sperm count is on the floor i.e. very low.

Work less and sleep more

Take a lot of rest in-between work and observe the recommended 8 hours sleep per day, the body repairs its self within this period of sleep and of course production of quality sperm within this period wouldn't be an exception, so start getting enough sleep by making your environment comfortable enough for this factor to enhance the chances of having a quality sleep and subsequently good sperm count.

Exercise to the rescue

It is a fact that exercise actually helps to increase sperm count, through increasing blood circulation to all part of the body. It also helps regulate hormones and allow one to either maintain or reduce excess body weight which is not good for the body. Exercise regularly if you are overweight or obese, because it has been confirm medically that excess fat reduces testosterone levels(males sex hormones) and also excess fat can leads to hot temperature down the groin and testes which attacks sperm cells and cause low sperm count.

There you have them, you could actually consult with your health care provider to ascertain if really you have a low sperm count and use the following natural remedies to cushion the effects or solve the problems before thinking of other forms of remedies.

This list is inexhaustible; you could share with us in the comment section, other natural remedies you know to help boost sperm count.




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