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Outstanding Ways Of Having Natural Flawless Skin

Jan 16, 2017 By best 3K

A flawless skin is one without blemishes, spots, patches or discoloration. The skin is the body's largest organ and also the most delicate part of the body as such much care must be taken to protect it from all forms of hazards occasioned by harsh weather, harmful substances and a litany of unfriendly products on the shelves of cosmetic stores which are associated with them.


Willy Lead, a notable dermatologist also advocated that the skin should be naturally taken care of. He listed the following problems associated with long use of most beauty products on the skin, which includes:

>   Irritation of the skin, which leads to itching of the skin and subsequently redness on the skin
>   Allergies on the skin
>   Skin diseases and disorder

>   Dry scaly skin
>   Permanent loss of skin color
>   Exposure to certain solvents can result in liver damage
>   Chemical burn may leave a permanent scar on the skin


It is pertinent to point out here that to have a flawless skin does not need too much money and chemicals in the name of cosmetics, though a lot of people are chemical, machine and technology dependent which most times come with heavy consequences. It is then wise to take care of this delicate part of the body naturally with utmost care and attention.

Having a natural flawless skin does not require a fortune but just a change in one's lifestyle and you would be amazed on how the skin will be glowing inside out.


Have you been looking out to have a flawless beautiful skin without using chemicals? Then look no further because adhering to the following tips below and making it a routine will enable you enjoy a beautiful skin devoid of any blemish.


Drink enough water daily

Having a clear glowing skin with water is not rocket science, we are all aware that water is a natural cleanser. It helps to clean the system, therefore freeing the system from toxins and free radicals, which when left in the body, form problems in the system that could result to cancer. In orders to get rid of all these toxins, the body at all time must remain hydrated. Most times the body doesn't need harsh chemicals on the delicate skin either from soaps or creams all what the skin needs is just pure water to clean the outer layer as well as the system within. It has been advocated by physicians that the first drink one must have early in the morning should be a good glass of room temperature water but preferably a luke warm water. This ritual helps to jumpstart the system to eliminate toxins. So make use of water within and outside the skin for an amazing glowing skin.


Dump junks and processed foods

There are absolute no nutrients, the skin can derived from junk food instead it comes with skin impurities. A Nutritionist from her research found out that taking in right micro nutrients and vitamins from natural food like fish, nuts, grains, vegetables, tomatoes, fruits etc is great for clear skin. So instead of wasting fortunes on junks with no significant benefit to the skin, adopt the habit of eating natural foods for a healthy skin.


Practice simple skin hygiene

This works like magic and cost nothing to achieve, but just remembering to clean the face and body twice a day would go a long way to keep skin problems at bay. One does not necessarily have needs to bath the skin with expensive oil because the natural oils produced by the skin would help nourish and revitalize the skin but just applying a little change here and there like washing the face and not scrubbing because it causes skin Irritation, itches and problems. Avoid leaving damp clothes on the body for too long, using or applying simple mild cream to the body etc


Minimize the use beauty of products

Instead of wasting money on skin peripherals like face masks, concealers, toner etc ,you could invest more on healthy Options that would help to reduce skin inflammation and infections, which brings about rough and burnt skin but rather consume more of fruits and vegetables which would leave the skin clear and spotless.


Indulge in good and regular exercises

Alvan Bammry ,A fitness expert, a  gymnastic club owner in New York opined that there is direct link between having a natural good skin and exercising, he  voiced that physical activities promotes healthy circulation ,which helps to keep the skin healthy and vibrant. He discover over the years of researching with his students that increasing blood flow through exercising helps nourish skin cells and keep them alive and that blood carries oxygen and nutrients to working cells throughout the body, which the skin is not an exception. So now you know instead of damaging your skin with acidic skin product, start exercising, it doesn't cost a dime.


Shield the skin from sun exposure

Another way of protecting one's skin and giving it the shine and glow, is to minimize one's stay under the sun. Ms May Armstrong, Director, Associate professor of dermatology at the university of Connecticut through her research found out that too much exposure of  skin to sun causes sunburn which in turn leads to skin cancer risk and speedily aging of the skin, so she advised that to avoid this happening  to one's skin, the skin should be shielded from the sun during peak sun time and if possible clothes that covers the better part of the skin should be worn at this peak sun period to shield the skin and maybe a hat over the head to shade the face. So you could keep the skin safe by applying this little tip.

Conclusively, the natural ways by which a clear skin with no pimples, zits, dark spots, baggy eyes, dark circles, skin infection and skin diseases can be achieved naturally have been listed. So help your skin to attain this height by living up to this routine.


Have you being enjoying a clear and vibrant skin devoid of heavy beauty products application. Share with us in the comments section, how you have kept your skin naturally glowing.


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