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Brilliant ideas on how to make and keep New year Resolutions

Jan 14, 2017 By best 2.3K
Resolutions according to personal convictions are ideas, actions and goals one has decided to carry out, work with or uphold for a long period of time with the belief that it would yield positive result and bring about desired change.
Some persons see making resolutions as a ritual especially at the beginning of a new year though in some quarters, it is believed that we can always resolve to do the right things that would bring about a positive change to our lives at any given time, especially if it is one that would turn one's life for good.
From an online survey carried out by the renowned psychologist Blair Juan, he found out that from the positive answers provided by those who filled out his questionnaire on succeeding after taking and keeping to a new year resolution was quite high, he advocated that people who want to succeed in a year should imbibe the culture of making and trying to keep their new year resolutions .He opined that the importance of making and keeping to New Year resolutions cannot be overemphasize because of its enormous benefits which includes:

> Keeping one on track for a better life all year round;

> Helping one to do away with bad habits especially if one has resolved to change;

> One tends to achieve positive changes in most desired areas of life.

> Help one have an already well laid-out life for the future.

> Keeps one's mind focused on positive things only and avoiding unnecessary distractions;

> Keep one's rolling towards a direction for a better result than what it used to be;

If you want to achieve the above mentioned heights in life, then it's time you started making your New Year resolutions and keeping to them for better and desirable results in your life.

So have you been longing to not just make New Year resolutions but actually keeping them or you hardly keep them past the first few weeks without breaking them. Well, this piece should be your companion, it would help you on how to make brilliant resolutions and also keep them. Try these practicable steps.
List your resolutions

The first step in making New Year resolutions come true is listing them out. Most times words in black and white tend to stick better, because we stumble more often on them and it would tend to remind us on a daily basis about our expectations for the year. The essence of listing them out is to enable us have a mental picture of what we have decided to either change or uphold in our lives. So it is pertinent to carry out the ritual of always listing out these resolutions, so as to always come to terms with reality especially for those things we want to weed out of our lives.

Take action

Nothing beats the word 'action' in every endeavor. A lot of persons have got good ideas, visions, dreams and aspirations to make things happen, but what hinders these magnificent ideas from manifestation is lack of action. Resolve to take action on all your listed resolutions. What were your resolutions, were they to quit bad habit? Or to join a life's changing group? To learn a new skill or be godly, don't just wish them away. start acting on them. Quit procrastinating, just act.
Resolve to abandon negatives

A crucial way to make resolutions work is by determination. Absolutely nothing can stop a very determined mind. For instance, over the years, my determination level has helped me a lot to achieve my expected goals. Raise your optimistic bar. Remember, whatever, a heart sets to achieve is achievable. It is not a mere rhetoric, it works all the time.
Have a mentor

To be able to scale through the hurdles set before you, you need an inspiration; you need a person you can always look up to, to draw inspiration from. Have you resolved to dump a bad habit like smoking, drinking or womanizing? You could draw inspiration from those that overcame them. No habit is ever new, there must have been people in your environment or online that may have had prior experience about the challenges confronting you and conquers them, so learn from their experiences and apply them in your own life. How about starting a new project or business as your new year resolution, of course, they are a lot of persons in that line of business, you could look up to, read or get to interact with them. If you are opportune to meet them you could have one-on-one interaction with them and get to learn how they overcame. Have you decided to live above sin, there are a lot of books written by godly authors which could inspire you. The bottom line is to have "a go to person, place or thing" that can readily assist one in keeping to your resolutions.
Seek help from professionals
Another factor to consider, while struggling to keep the New Year resolutions is to seek experts help on any area of the resolutions which needs professional touch. If you need guidance on a particular idea, then meet an expert in that field. Do you need to quit bad habits like smoking, gossiping or stealing? Seek the help of a therapist. Or do you need to be godlier; you could contact men of God. The essence of this is to get those best pieces of advice and directions from the experts, so as not to derail from the set out resolutions.
Be a moving train

Lastly, remember Rome wasn't built in a day. Keep doing what you have resolved to do, Let nothing pat you down and don't be in a hurry to achieve everything on your list at a very short time. You could actually give some time to each of your resolution, even though you stumble, get up dust yourself and get moving and in the shortest possible time, it would be a walk in the park.
There you have them. It is always a wise decision to make New Year resolutions and actually stick to them because they have enormous positive effects in our lives. It helps propel one to greater heights as nothing negative comes with resolutions only positives.
Have you been making and sticking to your New Year resolutions, let read from you in the comments section about keeping to your New Year resolutions.

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