See Picture Of Bride Who Refused To Wear Makeup On Her Wedding Day

Aug 28, 2016 By Obiaks

Every bride wants to look gorgeous on her wedding day. All eyes will be on you as you walk down the aisle toward the man of your dreams, but his eyes are the only ones that matter. When he sees you, you want to take his breath away! In their quest for perfection, brides dedicate a large chunk of their attention to their wedding day looks, considering her hairstyle, type of nails to fix and colour to paint, eye lashes to fix, among many other beauty enhancing products. For reasons I do not know, it has become easier to find water in a desert than to see a natural bride on her wedding day!

In the pursuit of their aim of having a perfect look, many brides forget that their man fell in love with what's inside, not just the pretty package. However, a Ghanaian bride for reasons best known to her, decided to break protocol by switching on to the ‘natural bride mode' as she supposedly ‘refused' to wear make-up on her wedding day.

Picture of the lady above was shared by a Ghanaian Twitter user and it has been trending online ever since it was posted.

On the flip side, the poster also shared one of the reactions the post received, it said:

A lot of male twitter users were quick to point out that she still looked beautiful without it. This led to a debate on whether some ladies can actually do without makeup on such a day.

Personally, I think everyone is entitled to their own choices.

source: buzznigeria

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