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Bangladesh Hold Marriage Ceremony For Frogs

A marriage ceremony was held between two frogs in the northern Bangladesh district of Dinajpur to save the locals from the curse of drought. The marriage ceremony was held with grandeur at Betura West Para village, following all the customs of a Hindu marriage. The invited guests brought cash and other gifts for the frog 'couple'.

The organizer Mahesh Chandra Roy said they were merely following tradition; their forefathers also organised such ceremonies when faced with long periods of drought. Mahesh traced this custom to the Ramayana, saying that the gods would be pleased by the marriage of the frogs and bring rain upon them.

On Saturday, a group of villagers represented the bridegroom's side side and another group represented the bride's side in the ceremony. After the haldi ceremony, the two frogs were decorated with oil and sindoor and then kept on the marriage cot.

After the blessings, a paddy plant was planted. 82-year-old Tenia Burman said it was a one-of-a-kind protest to the Rain God against the curse of drought.

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