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Simple Ways to Boost Your Home Wi-Fi Network

Aug 16, 2016 By Sosa 3.1K
A lot of people complain about weak Wi-Fi signal that is not giving them the chance to watch their favou­rite music videos on youtube, or to upload a really clever Face­book status on the internet.

Some people also complain that it's hard enough for their Wi-Fi connection to reach the four corners of their houses, let alone the backyard and beyond. To take your computing to the distance, you will need to seri­ously boost your Wi-Fi signal.

The following tips will ensure your Wi-Fi keeps you connect­ed no matter where you are.

If you are hoping to con­nect remotely, say on camping trip, where there's no Wi-Fi in sight, you'll need to address one of two solution: Enable your wireless plan to turn your phone into a hotspot or get a Mi-Fi hotspot. These pocket-sized mobile hotspot connect multiple devices through your cell-phone carrier.

Extending your current Wi-Fi signal to encompass the out­door area surrounding your home is a little more compli­cated.

The first and easiest method is to check your router settings. Many current routers support two networking standards: 802.11b and 802.11g. Turn off the 802.11b option, its older, slower, and will clog up your connection speeds. This should give you an extra bar, but prob­ably won't reach the far corners of your yard.

Don't worry about updating your router to a new standard, just yet. New router standards like 802.11ac do exist and may give you a stronger signal, but sometimes suffer serious draw­backs, such as compatibility with your current devices. Your old router should do just fine.

Next, check the placement of your router. While that unsight­ly box might detract from your décor, avoid tucking it away in the deep recesses of your home or against an exterior wall. Wi-Fi routers work best without physical barriers, such as ce­ment or brick, blocking their signal. Think of your Wi-Fi sig­nal as a stream of water ripples, constantly moving but getting weaker as it expands. Central­ize your router in your home, ensuring the strongest signal will as far as possible, or po­sition it closer to the outdoor region you're hoping to boost. Just know other areas of your home may suffer.

Now that you've gotten the router placed correctly, you can extend the reach of the signal. Some insist that a well-placed soda can or some aluminium foil will do the trick, if only to gain an extra bar or two.

Another option is to replace the stock antenna on your rout­er with an Omni-Directional Antenna. This simple fix could potentially double or triple your signal strength in every direc­tion.

If you are looking to even boost your signal, you'll need to purchase a repeater or range extender. Place your repeat­er between the router and the “dead zone” where it will catch the original signal and repeat it farther outward. Some old rout­ers can convert into repeaters, or you can purchase one which are less expensive.

If your signal isn't reaching as far as you'd like, you have op­tions, many of which are free or relatively cheap. Remember, not everyone will have the same solution. Changes in something as simple as terrain can have a huge effect on signal strength.

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