Pregnant Women Who Suffer From Morning Sickness Can Predict Baby's Sex

Could this be true? Report has it that morning sickness could offer a clue in predicting a baby's sex.

The sickness is called Hyperemesis gravidarum, and results from studying about 1.7 million pregnancies showed that women who suffered from the sickness had high tendencies of giving birth to daughters rather than sons.

The Duchess of Cambridge was ill with the sickness when she was pregnant with Prince George in 2012. She was also reported to have been affected by the sickness while she was eight months pregnant with her daughter Princess Charlotte.


According to reports by New Scientists, 56% of babies born in the Swedish data were female. The research confirmed that pregnant women who are blighted with the condition have chances of having a miscarriage.

“Female babies may more likely trigger extreme morning sickness unlike their male counterparts,” says researcher from Colombia University in New York.

Pregnant women who are affected by morning sickness become extremely dehydrated, could throw up about 50 times in a day, lose up to 10% of their weigh, and some end up in miscarriages. Statistically, it affects about one in a 100 pregnancies.

The truth is that a pregnant woman can certainly have morning sickness, and yes, even a very bad one when she's carrying a boy. So counting on it being a daughter might not work.

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