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5 Words Nigerians Use That Actually Don't Exist

Jul 27, 2016 By Sosa 2K
 Nigerians are one of the most creative people on the planet. While non-Nigerians may doubt my assertion, till they manage to invent a popular version of English like we did (Pidgin English), they can keep on doubting.

Although there are many awesome things Nigerians do, we do have some face palm moments. Don't laugh too hard at the five words Nigerians use that doesn't exist in the English dictionary:


This doesn't exist anywhere else except only in Nigeria. If you doubt this, just search Installmentally on google and watch only Nigerian sites pop up.


This is another one I don't understand. Does anyone ever hold a vigil during the day?


This is not meant as a euphemism for the female body part. When Nigerians say this word, they mean cunning. How is that for a giant leap forward?


How hard is it to say deflowered? It must be extremely difficult because even health professionals and newsmen use this absurd word that doesn't exist.

Wake Keeping (Wake keep)

Nigerians have not only made the old European custom of watching over a corpse till it's buried (called a wake) theirs, they have actually renamed it. Please, there is no such phrase as wake keep or even wake keeping.


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