Here Are 7 Important Things About Sperm That Every Woman And Man Should Know

As for most of the things in life, just when you think that you know everything, there always appear something else that will surprise you. Here are the most important 7 things that every woman should be familiarized with about sperm!

    Sperm is not without calories

The composition of ejaculation is mostly consisted of enzymes and fructose. A cup full of seeds equals to one olive, or 5 calories.

    Sperm is not longest-running body liquid

Spermatozoa can also contain bacteria and other germs. But luckily, they can be destroyed easily: if you are exposed to chemicals (such as the chlorine in the pool), as a result of changes in the pH value, or even in very cold or very hot circumstances.

    Permanent in the womb

Sperm finds the best conditions to survive in the stomach where it can maintain in a period of 5 to 7 days and fertilize the egg. In the vagina, it lives only for a couple of hours, as same as in the most of the environments.

    Spermatozoa are not fighters

Contrary to people`s opinion that sperm enters the egg alone, the truth is that it always needs stimulation from the uterus in order to do so.

    Hot baths are slowing down spermatozoa

Besides alcohol, drugs and smoking, spermatozoa may be delayed from car seats or hot baths as well.

    Spermatozoa crossing extremely long way

Since spermatozoa are not bigger than 0,6 mm, they always need to pass a long way (for them) of about 15 cm in order to get to the egg. Compared to human`s measurements, that would mean- a person from 1,80 m to pass a hike route of 5,5 km, which I quite a long distance.

    Not all spermatozoa are in shape!

Although men hate the fact that not all spermatozoa go directly toward the target, it happens to be true. In one ejaculation of 40-600 million spermatozoa, just one half of them are healthy and pointed to the proper direction while the other half are useless.

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