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Craziest Sex Laws From Around The World You Won't Believe Exist

Jul 07, 2016 By Obiaks 2.5K
So, you think you have seen crazy law? Take a look at these 25 craziest, weirdest, and most bizarre sex laws from around the world that will make you go WTF!

1. A person cannot have more than two dildos in his/her house in Arizona.

2. Washington D.C. allows its people to have sex in only one position missionary.

3. A man is not allowed to kiss his wife's breasts in Florida.

4. In Alabama, incestuous marriages are legal.

5. In Michigan, couples cannot have sex in a vehicle, unless it is parked on a property owned by them.

6. It is illegal to have sex with a porcupine in Florida.

7. A man cannot be sexually aroused in public, according to the bizarre sex laws in Indiana.

8. If you have a moustache, you cannot kiss a woman in public in Iowa.

9. It is illegal to kiss a sleeping woman in Colorado.

10. A man having sex with any woman who is not his wife is considered to be rape in Wisconsin.

11. If you pat a woman's posterior in Norfolk, Virginia, you can be jailed for 60 days.

12. Oral sex is considered to be illegal in Florida.

13. Alabama doesn't allow its people to buy sex toys.

14. Utah allows having sex with animals but only if it is for money.

15. You cannot sleep naked with your partner in Minnesota.

16. A law in Bakersfield, California states that one has to wear a condom while having sex with Satan.

17. In Oregon, cursing while having sex is a criminal offence.

18. You cannot have sex in a parked vehicle in London.

19. In China, women can only roam around naked in the bathroom, nowhere else.

20. You cannot get involved in any sexual activity if the lights of the room are on, in Romboch, Virginia.

21. A man cannot have sexual intercourse with a live fish in Minnesota.

22. In Oblong, Illionis you cannot make love to your partner while fishing or hunting.

23. There is a weird law in Washington , according to which, you may never have sex with a virgin, even on your wedding night. How do people ever have sex there?

24. In Cali, Colombia, mothers have to literally watch their daughters lose their virginity.

25. Nepal and Bangladesh doesn't allow movies that show simulated sex or pelvic areas of any of the actors.

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