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What is it with females taking pictures with their A$$ facing the camera?

Jul 05, 2016 By Obiaks 4.7K
 We truly live in a culture of A$$ worship. We have a culture of attention whoring creatures who have nothing to offer you but their looks. We are living in a generation where dressing to impress is a thing of the past, and behaving like a whor, twerking, being practically naked all over the internet to show off your assets to the world is the latest and cool trend. No matter how big or small the A$$ is, it must be displayed. No matter how big or small the breasts are, they must be out in the open.

This culture is disgusting. When you bare it all and leave little to the imagination, best believe no real Man is thinking about bringing you home to the family. When all you care about is your looks, no one will truly care about your personality or your intellect. Stop worshiping your assets and get some self respect. You have a brain, use it! Love and respect yourself to be more than just a another random piece of A$$ and a nice body. Don't just worship your body and it's parts, love and respect it, be conscious of your body's message. Be the best you can be without displaying the best that your body can offer. You will get further with a quality man using what's between your ears (BRAIN), not what between your legs (VAG*NA).

The quality of man you attract says a lot about you, if you always end up with a bum, the one you need to be checking is yourself. Most of you have shitty decision making skills. Always assuming that you have it going on because many guys are after you, but did you forget that low gas prices ALWAYS attracts a lot of customers? Its about quality, NOT quantity. What you have is perverted minded creatures like yourself chasing whats between you legs, NOT YOU. You keep getting your heart broken because you keep giving the key to your heart to people who only want the security code to your panties. Stop saving a permanent place in your heart for someone who only has something temporary in mind for you.

Just because these professional A$$ kissers like your looks, doesn't mean that they respect it. There's NOTHING honorable about 1,000 flock of bums who are staring at your a$$, breast, thighs and duck faces; imagining what they'd do to you in bed. You're no longer a woman in their eyes, you're an object, a piece of meat, a vain imagination in the mind of a luster. You want to be sexy and feel beautiful, I get it. But being respected and loved should mean more. Beauty is in modesty, and a real man will NEVER truly love a woman he can't respect.

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