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Muslim American who donated blood to victims of Orlando shooting while fasting - shares an emotional post that goes viral

Jun 13, 2016 By Sosa 1.7K
In a post that has been shared 91,425 times, Mahmoud ElAwadi urges people to put aside their colour, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation and political views, in-order to unite against those trying to inflict pain on others. He wrote,

  Yes my name is Mahmoud a proud Muslim American .-Yes I donated blood even though I can't eat or drink anything cause I'm fasting in our holy month Ramadan just like hundreds of other Muslims who donated today here in Orlando .
-Yes I'm angry for what happened last night and all the innocent lives we lost .
-Yes I'm sad , frustrated and mad that a crazy guy claim to be a Muslim did that shameful act.
-Yes I witnessed the greatness of this country watching thousands of people standing in 92 degree sun waiting on their turn to donate blood even after they were told that the wait time is 5-7 hours .
-Yes this is the greatest nation on earth watching people from different a ages including kids volunteering to give water , juice , food , umbrellas , sun block. Also watching our old veterans coming to donate And next to them Muslim women in hijab carrying food and water to donors standing in line .
-Yes together we will stand against hate , terrorism , extremism and racism .
-Yes our blood all look the same so get out there and donate blood cause our fellow American citizens are injured and need our blood .
Yes our community in central Florida is heart broken but let's put our colors , religions , ethnicity , sexual orientation , political views all aside so we can UNITE against those who are trying to hurt us.

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