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ISIS kills Christians for refusing to convert to Islam in sickening video

May 13, 2016 By Obiaks 2.2K
ISIS, the world's most dangerous Terrorist group released a sickening video where they gruesomely killed Ethiopian Christians for refusing to convert to Christianity according to reports by Express UK.
 Ethiopian Christians in the video can be seen dressed in orange jumpsuits with dozens of masked terrorists standing behind them by the beach side.

The 29-minute video, which has been brought down by Youtube, shows the jihadis separate the Christians into two groups on a beach in Libya before shooting and cutting off the heads of about 16 Christians after they refused converting to Islam.
ISIS say the Christians did not pay a compulsory religious ISIS tax and were left with one option - to convert or be killed.
ISIS in the video also referred to the men as "followers of the cross from the enemy Ethiopian Church".

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