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Jan 14, 2016 By Don Sole 2.9K
1. If you want to experience a happy and lasting
marriage, wake up every morning and ask
yourself,..."What can I do today to put a smile on my spouse's face?"

2. Be patient with your spouse when he or she is facing difficult moments. This is when he or she needs your support and encouragement, not correction and criticism.

3. Face your problems, don't Facebook them.

4. Husbands: Your wife didn't come with a remote control. Touch her and let her know that you're still attracted to her.

5. Your tongue can bless or break your marriage.

6. Be such a good spouse, a true friend and loving companion that whenever your spouse is away, he or she cannot wait to come home to be with you. No one wants to come home to a battle field.

7. Don't prioritize friends over spouse. Let your friends know that when it comes to your marriage, your spouse is #1.

8. Cellphones, Facebook and WhatsApp can bless or break marriages. Used within the proper parameters of marriage, these can greatly enhance communication between husband and wife.

9. A married person must be very cautious about having a friend of the opposite sex. Ideally your spouse should be your best friend. Pouring out your
heart and sharing your emotions and feelings with someone of the opposite sex other than your spouse is emotional unfaithfulness; it displaces your spouse from her rightful position in your heart.

10. Your spouse doesn't have to compete for your emotional attention with anyone. Most sexual encounters outside marriage are preceded by casual innocent friendships and inappropriate emotional intimacy.

11. True love says, "You may disappoint me, frustrate me or annoy me more than I ever thought possible. But I choose to spend every disappointing, irritating and annoying minute of my life with you."

12. Don't cause your spouse to be a detective or secret agent. Let your life be an open book to your spouse. There is no business your spouse shouldn't
know about. Be open and honest. Secrets destroy marriages.

13. Pride destroys marriages. You are human and you make mistakes. Swallow your pride, admit wrong and take responsibility for your actions.

14. admit wrong and take responsibility for your actions. Don't seek to justify your mistakes or push blame to someone else. Sometimes you just have to swallow your pride and say, "I am sorry, I was wrong please forgive me.

15. If you want your spouse to trust you be trustworthy. Be where you said you would be. Do what you said you would do. Keep no secret. Tell nothing but the truth always.


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