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Dec 30, 2015 By Don Sole 2.6K

1. All men are not the same.
2. It is not all men that cheat on their spouses.
3. Some men don't have time for women.
4. It is not all men that like women.
5. What a man needs from his woman is respect. Just respect and obey him. He will love and take care of you.
6. Sex cannot make a man love you. If you like give him sex everyday, if he doesn't love you, he doesn't love you.
7. If you want a man to love and take care of you,
treat him like a baby. Pet him.
8. Men hate a nagging wife.
9. Allow him to be in charge of the house. Allow him
to head the family. Do not control him.
10. Do not try to use sex to capture his heart. It will
not work. Cook delicious food, be obedient to him, be
submissive. You will capture his heart.
11. Men love beautiful women. A lady should make
herself look beautiful and attractive.

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