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Dec 23, 2015 By Don Sole 2.1K

Classy is...when a WOMAN has everything to brag about: the perfect curves, the satiating look, the seductive smile, and a suffocating Catwalk, and yet
insists, that any man who wants to date her, must first have a heart for God, be able to love her for her character not just her looks, and be humble enough to acknowledge God in public.

Classy is,...when a MAN has all the money to brag about, the brains, and a killer job, and the leverage to sleep with any woman he wants to, but yet insists, that any woman who wants him, must first have a heart for God, be wise enough to raise Godly kids, and be able, even after she has done all her make-up, to kneel down with him on the floor and praise God!

Now that, is Classy!

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