7 Ways To Achieve Long Lasting Love In Your Relationship

Love is one of the most important things that makes life worth living, without it, we would just be a bunch of zombies walking the face of the earth.
Once you’ve found love, you’d do almost anything to hold on to it, especially if the feeling is returned by the object of your affection.

So, how do you keep the love strong in your relationship and ensure it remains that way?

Here are 7 ways you can make that happen:
1. Give up your ego: Sometimes, little things can lead to a huge misunderstanding between you and your partner. However, saying ‘sorry’ even when you’re not at fault doesn’t mean you are stupid, it simply means you value your relationship enough to forget your ego and solve whatever problems you are having.

2. Respect your partner: Respect is a very important ingredient for every successful relationship. You can have respect without love but love without respect is absolutely impossible. Being kind and polite to your partner will definitely evoke the same feeling in them. As the saying goes, ‘respect is reciprocal’.

3. Cherish special moments: There is no perfect relationship anywhere. There will always be a mixture of good times and bad times. However, it is important that you don’t cling to the bad times, but instead, cherish the good times and special moments. Good memories give you hopes of a better future together.

4. Be calm when your partner is angry: Losing your cool when your partner is already angry is a recipe for trouble. When two people are angry, one has to be calm and ensure that the issue is resolved amicably. But yelling at your partner when he/she is already raising their voice, will only lead to
more problems and the issue may not be resolved after all.

5. Give your partner space: Yes, you are both in love and just cannot be apart, but the truth is, every now and then, you need to let your partner have their own space. Being all over your boyfriend/ girlfriend all the time and clinging to them daily might make them feel suffocated and fed up. Give your partner time to miss you, as well as an opportunity for them to do their own thing without you hovering nearby.

6. Celebrate your partner: You don’t have to wait till it’s your loved one’s birthday or your anniversary before you do something special for them.
You can pick out a day and do something really nice for them. Perhaps, an outing to his/her favourite spot or a day at the spa. Trust me, your partner will always cherish you for this.

7. Keep learning: Someone once said that learning stops when you die. This is true. You don’t have to be in a classroom to learn new things. Everyday
is an opportunity for you to improve on yourself and your talents. Try learning new skills with your loved one. Volunteer for noble causes and help those who cannot repay you. Constantly working on yourself makes your life more rewarding and reflects positively on your relationship.

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