Nigerian Woman Jailed In Uk For Violent Attack On Lover

A Nigerian woman in the United Kingdom has been sentenced to nine years in the United Kingdom after being found guilty of grievous bodily harm with intent.

The London Evening Standard reported on Tuesday that the woman, Kenya Alozie, attacked her lover – a man in his 30s – while they were having sex at a house in Plumstead.

The police told the Woolswich Crown Court where she was tried that the 31-year-old, who had no fixed abode, had attacked the man with a hot iron and a broken bottle in a violent and premeditated attack.

According to the police, she had planned the attack beforehand by keeping a hot iron and broken bottle ready and using the iron to burn his legs and genitals and “crashing the bottle into him.”

The LES also reported that the victim had to undergo surgery for some of the injuries he sustained in the attack.

It added that the police said Alozie, whose visa expired at the end of May, had planned to return to her family in Nigeria after the attack and before the expiration of her visa.

But the 31-year-old, who had gone to the UK to study at Coventry University and lived in Plumstead with friends, was arrested on board a plane the Heathrow Airport while trying to flee the country on May 24.

A day after, on May 25, she was charged with grievous bodily harm with intent after an investigation by the Metropolitan Police, the report said.

Although Alozie has been brought to justice, the police could not say what her motivation for the attack was.

“Alozie committed a calculated and pre-planned attack. She ensured she had a broken bottle to hand and a hot iron to strike the victim and seriously harm him,” Det Const Duncan Clark from Greenwich police, was quoted as saying.

“The sentence imposed clearly reflects the seriousness of this extremely violent attack.”

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