Some Really Weird things about newborn Babies

Feb 21, 2021 By Kayode Oseh

How much do you actually know about babies? Below are some pretty interesting things about newborn babies you may want to see.   

Babies Odor is addictive

A research once found that newborn baby’s odor lights up the reward centers in our brain in a way other scents can’t. And for women – specifically moms – the experience, a rush of dopamine to the brain, is heightened.  The smell triggers the same reward circuits in the brain as the ones that come from satisfying a craving for food or from having sex.

Their Groaning Noises

There are lots of weird noises that babies make; grunting, groaning, snorting and all sorts of other funny sounds that you’ll hear out of them. But according to an expert, all those strange noises are caused by baby’s nasal passages being narrow in the newborn stage, leading the mucus that gets trapped in there to create some added sound effects.

They Constantly Sneeze

When babies sneeze a lot but not actually sick, they’re probably trying to banish any little foreign particles that have made their way into their nasal cavities. Looking at the light too may also stir up an adjustment, so if you take baby out on a bright sunny day and they start sneezing, it may actually be the sun and not allergies.

Sudden jerks and reflexes

Babies are born helpless but have impressive newborn reflexes. The most noticeable according to an expert, is probably the startle, or Moro, reflex, a response to a loss of support that causes a baby to fling out their arms and draw them back in. “It might be a response to a sudden sound or touch—but babies can also spook themselves,” she says.

Babies are born with the ability to swim

New born babies have an innate ability to swim. Although they may not be able to swim as normal, but they probably have reflexes called bradycardi response, which naturally make babies to hold their breath and open their eyes underwater.

They drink their own pee

The amniotic fluid (contained by the amniotic sac), is the medium through which a baby get his food and other nourishment. As soon as the baby's kidney had finished developing, the baby start to pee. The pee get mixed with the amniotic fluid which they drink back as nutrient.

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