Everyday Objects You Didn’t Know Had Alternate Uses

Jan 20, 2021 By Kayode Oseh
We are missing out on a number of functions in most of the things we are familiar with. Usually we buy things in order for them to serve a particular purpose and to help us solve a particular problem. But it seem that most of these things have hidden benefits than we actually know. They’ve been designed to do much more than we thought. 
Here are some of these things and their full utilities. You would be amazed to know all that they can actually do. 


How much do you know about eggs? Oh yes it’s a very rich protein and it serves as good food! But is that all for these little moons? Let’s find out; 
Eggs are not for eating alone but for treating as well. They are not only food for the stomach but also food for the skin and your hair too. Because of the nutrients and proteins (lutein and albumin) they contain, eggs are great treatments for your skin and hair. As a treatment for your skin, mix egg whites with water to create a face mask, the benefits of this practice is amazing - it gives your face a smooth and radiant look. As for your hair, you can combine egg yolk with olive oil to make a hair conditioner but make sure you don’t rinse with hot water so you don’t end up with scrambled eggs allover your hair. 

Soda Can

Yes of course, a cold can soda is always very handy for some extra sunny days, it is one of the best beverages that makes our summer days lit. After opening a can soda, we get right into business to have a fizzy satisfaction and very often, we pay less attention to details. Opening the can tab, we usually just bend it to one side or pull it out totally before enjoying our drink, but if you were the type that pays much attention to details, you would realize that the tab hole has a hidden function, one that we aren’t actually aware of. 
The larger hole on the tab corresponds with the opening of the can. The manufactures actually made it that way so it helps hold a straw in place when having a soda time.  You can also use soda can tabs to add a hanger to photo frames. Just screw the can tab to a photo frame through the smaller hole of the tab to hold it in place, then allow the large hole catch the nail in the wall. 

Frame Loops in Grocery Cart

Trolleys are not just designed to move your shopping around the mall, they also come with some hidden essential features too. At the back of every trolley, you would notice a metal loop. This loop is actually there to help hang your bag so you don’t have to occupy the space meant for groceries alone. 

Dental Floss

Dental flosses are an essential item for your oral hygiene practice. They are twins that help you get rid of stuffs that have got stuck in your teeth -this is undoubtedly the only major function of them we know about. But these fine threads have tons of other ways they can become handy. You can get a lot more creative with a floss. 
Not overlooking them because of their thin nature, a dental floss can be used as on the go emergency shoelaces. You can also use it as a fishing line. Sew you buttons back on your shirt with a floss if you ran out of threads. You can separate photographs that have stuck to each other by using a floss. The most hidden of all secrets, you can cut your cakes with it. Does this surprise you?  

Nail Polish

A bottle of clear nail polish are one of the hidden secrets behind a well groomed nails. They can go a long way to give your nails a well buffed-natural-looking shine. Although their beauty abilities goes beyond just making your nails look good, they can also help keep your jewelries alive too. Coat your jewelry with nail polish to prevent them from turning green.  
If your tights are starting to rip or the edges of your clothes fraying away, apply some clear nail polish to prevent further damage. 

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