How to Use Cartoon Theme to Decorate Your Home Without Looking Juvenile

Jan 16, 2021 By Kayode Oseh
Cartoons are an essential part of every child’s life. They are undoubtedly, the most popular entertainment for kids. With the help of cartoons kids can learn a lot about their environment, practice new emotions, understand life issues and learn new beliefs. Although it may sound a little bit too juvenile or perhaps obnoxious, but there is no denial that most of us adults have as well been influenced by these anime too. The influence went as far as making some of us toonophilias - burning in strong desires for dummies. 

Cartoons have also been a strong inspirations behind many interior design choices.  If you are a non-child and you would like to introduce these anime characters into your space but you are too shy to do that because you think it may question your adulthood, below are some ways you can do that without being seen as a wee bairn. 

Animation Themes in the Bathroom
Keep your bathroom busy with some face lifting cartoon characters, bathroom make a great space for on your cartoon character themed home. 
Shower curtains and bathroom rugs are a wonderful place to focus on. You can keep them busy with any decor choice you want and they will remain appropriate. 

The Living Room
Your living room doesn’t have to look like the inside of a comic book shop for visitors to know that you have animation taste buds. There are simple but exotic ways to add a number of personal touches with objet d’ art personal pieces, to create a living room of anime without actually making you look like you are in the third grade. 

The living room is almost the most public place in your entire apartment, so knowing where to add it a dash of your passion and when to hold back is a must.  
Walls tell a lot of stories about your passion. Hanging a trio of frame posters of animated characters right over your wall will actually bring attention to the cartoon theme without making it all encompassing. A souvenir such as action figures and coffee mugs that are emblazoned with the images of favored cartoon characters will also make a great feat for the living room.

The Bedroom Area
You may enjoy an animated space better if you stay a lone but when you have an important other to share your room with, like a partner, keeping everything simple is required. Most especially if your partner does not share in the same anime vibes with you. 

Look for simple but classy decorations that will enable you display some cartoons figures in your sleep quarters without allowing them to completely take over. A book on the history of cartoons will do. Display it in your nightstand or have your pajamas or night gowns crested with them. 
By sticking to the right ways to share your anime taste with the rest of the world, Visitors who come to your apartment will actually know that you are cartoon-freak but would probably keep the prepubescent judgment aside. 

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