Why Are Tuitions Important When It Comes To Studies In Singapore?

Jan 08, 2021 By Seawong

Many people are looking for a home tuition teacher in Singapore because they want their kids to have the best education and improve their performance. A home tuition teacher in Singapore can help students improve their performance and marks by studying harder and better understanding the concepts.  It helps the students focus more on the subjects they are weak in and considerably improve their marks. Most students are not able to revise and understand the concepts at school and need some more practice. In such cases, a home tutor can help the students to revise and understand the concepts at home with optimal practice sessions. There are various benefits of having a home tutor in Singapore. To understand the need for the right home tutor agency Singapore, let's consider the following points:

Overcrowded Classrooms

The classrooms in Singapore are exceptionally crowded. The high population in Singapore is one of the primary reasons this country's classrooms are so overcrowded. There are up to 40 students in a class for primary and secondary schools in Singapore. When the tertiary module begins, the number of students in one hall can increase to 100 students per module. But in such classrooms, there is only one teacher. The pace of every student in a classroom is different. In such an overcrowded atmosphere, it is expected that every student shall follow the pace of the teacher.


You can keep a tuition teacher at home to ensure that your child can keep up with the school's ongoing studies. If students cannot understand the concepts at school, they can follow up these concepts at home and keep up with their studies. The framework of home tuitions acts as a safety net for the students to fall back on when they can't understand and comprehend classroom studies.


Abilities Not Targeted

The abilities of every student are not targeted well by the existing system of school education in Singapore. The system of current education follows a one-size-fits-all approach for its students. The current setup prevents the students from learning each subject's concepts due to different pace and learning abilities. The teachers in the classroom only concentrate on the understanding of the majority of students.


When you have a tuition teacher at home, you can easily counter this problem. The tuition teacher can give individual attention to the students and make him/her understand the concepts at his/her own pace. The students can understand the concepts and clear all their doubts without any fear from the teacher.


Demerits of Self Learning

Usually, not all students are self-motivated to learn on their own. It is an erroneous assumption on the part of the education system in Singapore. Students are not mature enough to tackle the issue of self-motivation. Many times, a particular student may be weak or not fond of a particular subject. In that case, the student may not be self-motivated to perform well in the subject.


A tutor may help the student perform well in subjects they are not interested in. They help to improve the motivation of the students related to formal education. It will help the students to build confidence and be more focused on their learning. Suppose your child is weak in Physics, then you should look for a physics tutor in Singapore to make the child motivated to learn physics. A physics tutor in Singapore can motivate the child to learn all the concepts with ease.


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