Several Reasons Why Shedding Tears Seem Healthy

Oct 08, 2020 By Kayode Oseh

Crying often gets a bad rap. It is usually seen by many as a marker of weakness and vulnerabilities or perhaps, a thing for wee bairns. But if you have wept lately, you will actually realize how soothing and healing it can be to cry -that you will do yourself lots of good if you stop holding back those tears and just allow them run down your cheeks every once in a while. 

We are usually encourage to laugh or perhaps, smile, but nobody ever talks about weeping being a healthy characteristic for survival and a normal thing of life. There are quite a lot of advantages that come with sobbing and they are amazing.   

While still in doubt, it might interest you to know that some organizations are going as far as opening crying clubs where members share personal stories to trigger tears in order to release some feel-good chemicals in the body to create a soothing effects.     

For those of us still wondering what makes crying seem healthy, below are some few things you need to know about having a good wail. But before then, let's talk about tears which is the major product of cry. 

Basal Tears: These are tears produced naturally almost all the time. It function is to keep the eyes moist, clear microbes, keep the eyeball in shape and prevent the eyes from dehydrating.  

Reflexive Tears: These tears flows in response to eye irritation. The eyes automatically release tears when it exposed to irritants like smoke, dusts, pollen etc. such tears are regarded as reflexive. 

Emotional Tears: We are all emotionally inclined creatures and sometimes we tend to express our feelings through tears. These are kind of tears produced when we are cracked up emotionally. 
Right now it's time to see how beneficial it is to weep. 
Crying kills bacteria
Because of the enzyme (lysozyme) contained in tears, bacteria finds it difficult invading the eyes. Research shows that lysozyme kill 90 to 95 percent of all bacteria in just about five to 10 minutes!

Crying improves vision
Tears lubricate your eyeballs and keep them in shape. It washes off debris and dust from your eyes which altogether keeps them healthy and perfect your sight.

Crying flushes out harmful toxins
Most of the built up toxins present in our body are flushed out through tears. Researches have shown that the amount of stress hormone found in tears are quite higher than in blood serum, which makes crying just another easy way to reduce stress.   

Crying improves your mood
When we cry, our brain is forced to release neurotransmitters such as “endorphins”, our feel-good chemicals. These chemicals are natural painkillers that are triggered by emotional tears. They help to soothe our pains when we feel hurt and that could actually explain why we feel good afterwards when we cry. 

It helps us to deal with situations 
Even though crying doesn't change any situation, it immediately provides relief and temporary comfort to get us by –“all thanks to our endorphins”. Crying can also help us deal with losses, like losing a family member, a close friend or losing our relationships (breakups). It is one of the best ways of holding-up after a tragic occurrence. 
Now we can see that shedding tears comes with lots of benefits. So the next time you feel like crying, don’t hold back your tears just let it out or rather find someone to hug while you let the tears flow.

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