Make Your Office Feel More Like Home With These Tips

Aug 31, 2020 By Kayode Oseh
It is said that offices are reserved mainly for formal activities. While this holds true in clerical phenomenon, making your office feel a little bit of home, goes a long way to improve your overall productivity. 

We know how it hurts leaving the coziness of our homes to go to the office, most especially when temperature is so low that the comfort of our home tempts us to avoid the office all together with every passing day of the cold season.   

Anyway, If you planned on giving your office some little touch ups and make it feels as though it’s home, here are some kickass ideas you may want to try that will actually not steal away that formal ambiance that comes with an office environment. 

. Choose the right smell.
Smell goes a long way to improve how we feel about our environment. Choosing the right smell for your office can give you this cozy feeling and improve your productivity. Aromatic scents such as essential oils, do lots of wonders. They make you feel more relaxed and less anxious -which are quite the basic things one needs for a productive workday.  

. Use a rug
There is this special feeling that comes with using a rug in the office. Using a fluffy rug with the right color blend, warms up the space of your office and gives it a home feel experience. If you do have a couch, make sure the rug is complimentary. A colored couch or chair makes a perfect blend with a neutral rug and vice versa.  

. Inspire your office with artworks
Some cool artworks hanging around the walls can makes your office look more professional and homey. If you haven’t already added some texture to your walls, adding some peaceful and relaxing art can enhance the overall vibe and look of your office space.

. Create warmth by adding live greenery
Can anything be more relaxing than bonding with nature? Psychology has it that being around green plants help you feel relaxed and improve your overall wellbeing. 
Bring a hearty feel to your office by introducing some live greenery. Plants are one of the easiest ways to quickly add warmth and life to any space. 

. Choose furniture that brings your home to your office
While it is not generally advisable to have a mattress in your office, having a nice and comfortable sofa around is usually a good idea. When your day gets tough at the office, you may want to relax a little bit and that’s where a snug looking sofa comes in.

. Keep a cozy blanket on hand
A comfortable blanket comes in handy for some extra chilly days. Have it hanging over a chair or folded somewhere that is a quick reach because it makes a space feel more homey.  

. Keep your family close 
Bring photographs of your loved ones and have them hanging around. Staring at the beautiful smile of your wife or the glowing laughter of your little girl can cheer up your day when things get gloomy.    

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