The Best and Worst Parts of Weekends

Aug 23, 2020 By Kayode Oseh

Oh, the weekend is here, “thank God it’s Friday” -the most anticipated. Most people start counting down and looking forward to the next weekend right from on Monday. This is undoubtedly the most enjoyed period of the week for anyone.

From the responsible working adults down to the irresponsible annoying kids, we all just love this brief holiday because it’s the only opportunity we’ve got to take a break from nerve wrecking activities of work and school. As good as weekends may sound, just like every other thing else, it comes with its own highs and lows.  

The Best Parts of the Weekend:

. You Have Nothing to Do

“To hell with office work and every other things that put me in an unnecessary frenzy, its weekend and I’m going to have it all to myself”

It’s such a relief come Friday night when you realize the following day or two is all yours. There is absolutely nothing on your mind other than how you are going to hang out and catch fun. You specifically have no responsibility except that you need to give yourself some Self treats and take care of your fun life. Though if you have a dickhead boss at the office, emails may be flowing in every now and then, but who cares, it’s weekend.   

. You Just Love to Drink

Drinking is one of the most fun part of weekends because you don’t care about hangovers even when you know you are going to witness some episodes come morning. Even before it was yet Friday night, you may probably have planned before hand how you are going to drink anything that takes the shape of its container so far it fizzes and it’s a booze.

Doing the alcohol is such a fun and a nice experience on weekends because this is the only better period to get intoxicated.

. Sport Activities are just so delightful

Sports have actually come to perfect our weekends. It has given us just another reason why we need to enjoy our weekend with glee. You all will agree with me that sport activities on weekend is by far enjoyable than that of Wednesday nights, especially if you are a UEFA lover. There is this special feelings that come with hanging around club house to watch Chelsea versus Manchester united on a cool Sunday evening, and the enjoyment is super lit when both fans turn-on the heat by being on each other’s neck.

“God of soccer really needs to be blessed”

The Worst Parts of the Weekend:

. Having Things to Do

Sometimes it seems one get cursed with busy weekends. It can be very annoying when you think you’ve planned just about everything, like how you are going to spend your weekend, then all of a sudden your boss gave an extra job to do at home and you couldn’t refuse because of how important the project is.

Though you could tell your boss to go to hell and you will not be wrong, but how many of us can actually do that? So you have no choice than to accept a ruined weekend.

. Drinking carelessly

You had enough fun at the bar last night, yes of course it was scintillating, you had so much fun and enjoyed yourself to the fullest, oops! You woke up the following morning to realize you’ve just passed the night in the jail because you had slapped a 50 years old waitress after she refused you from grabbing her boobs.

To make matters worse the police had denied you bail till the following day but you’ve already vomited all over your body and have no way to bathe until after your release. On top of nursing your never ending hangover, you have to cope with the embarrassment from the series of events you cannot explain.

. Waking Up to Read Your Bank Alerts

You had a crazy night, you drunk yourself to stupor but hallelujah you are still alive. Now you are awake to see your phone loaded with tons of messages and the one that interest you the most is the bank alert. Going through the alert, you realized how much you’ve spent at the bar --a really huge some!

You had ended up ordering tons of beer for strangers you don’t even know but you cannot get angry at anybody but yourself and your stupidity.

Anyway you don’t have to be too hard on yourself on this because alcohol has always been a bastard. 

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