Ridiculous Things we Usually Believe Because Of Movies

Dec 13, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

Most of us know that movies are unrealistic activities filled with inaccuracies and exaggerations, however, we still believe in them in one way or the other. Though there are many ways movies don't reflect real life experiences, however, we must give them some credits --at least they are very entertaining and can pass some really cool messages. While movies often get a good rap, however, we need to bother about it inaccuracies because of the influence it is having in popular understanding.

Below are things we believe because of movies but are actually not realistic.

CCTV Cameras

Movies have us believe that a victim can be tracked from anywhere by CCTV Cameras regardless of the person's location. That people who work for the government can gain easy access to any CCTV camera in few minutes. Although it seem possible gaining access but is not as easy as its shown in movies. You'd need passwords and ID codes for every camera you need and all these can't be achieved in few minutes.


Regardless of how powerful a gun or a bullet is, gunshot can not launch anybody across several distance as movies would have you believe. Although bullet can do some really bad damage to anyone but not to the extent of getting you fly off your feet before you collapse to death.


It often occur in movies that once a person got done on his last life, a defibrillator can make the heart start working again. However, in reality, it is not actually true. A defibrillator can only be used to normalize heart rhythm when it became abnormal not to restart it when it stopped beating.


If you fell into a pool of hot lava, you wouldn't go under and completely melt right away. Although this is what movies will have you believe. However, in reality, a lava is so dense that you could even walk on it and not sink easily if it wasn't so hot. 

Love at First Sight

It is likely that you might like someone at first sight, but developing love immediately is totally off limit. Several studies in psychology and neuroscience has shown that love at first sight is totally impossible. Because love is a complex phenomenon that takes time to develop.

Cops Don’t Have To Read You Rights While Handcuffing You

"You have the right to remain silent, anything you say or do would be used against you in the court of law". This is called a "Miranda right" that Cops usually read to a victim when arresting them. It is against the law of any country that a Miranda right should be read to victims while handcuffing them. The right is meant to be read after a victim had been taken into custody not when he is been handcuffed. But in movies the Miranda right is read when handcuffing a victim, which is actually not correct in real life.

You Can’t Pull A Grenade Pin With Your Teeth

The pin of a grenade is not that easy to remove as it is often shown in movies. Although the pin needs to be removed before any explosion can occur, but definitely not with the teeth. Although how tight the pin is totally depends on the type of grenade. But removing the pin with the teeth is very unlikely and trying to do so may even leave you toothless for the rest of your life.

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