Treat Stomach Upset Anytime With These Home Remedies

Dec 03, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

Stomach upset is the last thing anyone want to battle with. All pains are quite endurable if only you take stomach ache out of it. From feeling bloated to acid reflux down to not being able to eat anything, stomach upset comes with lots of problems including cramps, nausea and aches. However, we are so grateful that there are lots of home remedies available in our kitchen that are up to the task. This part of our home is actually a place filled with wonders and a place we can always run to when we need medical help.

Drink water

You want to make sure that you are not dehydrated isn't it? When you don't drink adequate water there are chances that you will experience stomach problems. Water being the only thing that aid digestion will actually be the reason for your stomach upset when you are not having adequate drink.


When the body is horizontal, the acid in the stomach is more likely to travel backward and move upward, which can cause heartburn. Heartburn is actually an indigestion problem caused by acid reflux. It occur when stomach acids moves up the esophagus to create a burning sensation. Anyway for issues regarding heartburn, apple is one very good fruit that can help. Apple are very rich in alkaline and can help neutralize the effect of this acid.

Apple cider vinegar

This is actually a substance made from fermented apple juice. Often used in salad dressing, marinades and food preservation. It is very effective when treating an upset stomach but do make sure you dilute it before consumption.

Heating pad

When experiencing stomach upset accompanied by muscle cramps, using a heating pad is can help relief pains. Applying a heating pad on your lower abdominal area to relax the tensed muscles responsible for the cramps.

Baking soda

The use of baking soda as a remedy has been an old family secrete. This is one thing around our home that have tons of unexplored benefits. From serving as food additives down to removing stains and musky smells from clothes, baking soda is one good medical remedy to bank on. Taking ½ teaspoon of baking soda with some warm water will actually help relief your tummy woes.


The use of lime in addition with a pinch of salt is another remedy for your tummy turbulence. You can either mix with salt or baking soda or both. 


Ginger is a common natural remedy for an upset stomach and indigestion. It contains chemicals that reduce nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Its good to always cook with ginger because of their medicinal properties. 


In addition to sweetening the breath, the menthol in mint may help with the following: preventing vomiting and diarrhea, reducing muscle spasms in the intestines, relieving pain. It is usually common as a remedy among Iranians, Pakistanis and Indians.

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