Super Amazing Facts About Babies

Dec 02, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

Babies are undoubtedly very adorable human beings. Although we know quite a lot about them because they are people we can easily discern their emotions and understand their every whim at most points. However, there are still some hidden and amazing facts about them that most of us are yet to understand. From the way they recognize your face down to their first smile, babies are actually filled with lots of surprises that are enough to fascinate anyone. You are a nursing mother or a father, how much do you really know about your newbie.

Below are facts about babies that will actually make you trip?

They learn to talk right in the womb

Although babies don't talk quickly until much latter, but they actually start learning the process of talking while in the womb. From about 23 to 25 weeks of pregnancy your baby could hear your voice and may start to recognize it. According to obstetricians, the more you communicate with your baby while in the womb the faster they know you. And they are also likely to start communicating fast when growing up.

They enjoy it when you sing to them

A 2013 study found that your baby could enjoy it when you sing. The researchers also noted that babies who heard a particular song while in the womb, seem to calm when the same song was played after they were born.

Babies learn much faster than adults

It should not come as a surprise that babies learn faster than adults. The reason is because babies have mind that is designed to learn while adults have mind that is designed to perform. The mind of a baby is always willing to learn something new than the mind of an adult.

Babies are born with the ability to swim

New born babies have an innate ability of swimming. Although they may not be able to swim as normal but a reflex called bradycardi response naturally makes babies to hold their breath and open their eyes when underwater. They also tend to splash about their hands and legs as if they were actually swimming.

Newborns are short-sighted

Although babies are born with visual capacities to see but newborn babies don't really see that far. Newborn babies can only see clearly about 20cm to 38cm (8in to 15in) in front of their faces. This is the perfect distance for your baby to gaze into your eyes as he/she feeds. Just after birth, a baby sees only in black and white, with shades of gray. As the months go by, he/she will slowly start to develop his color vision at around 4 months.

Babies have more bones than adults

Adults bones are around 206 while babies bones are around 300. Although most of them are not really bones per se, some are cartilages which tend to form bones latter when the baby is growing up, a process called ossification.

They eat a lot in their first few weeks

Babies are usually born with tinny tummies that needs to expand. This is actually the reason why they tend to eat a lot during their first few weeks of arrival. As an expectant mother, be very much ready for this.      

They drink their own pee

The amniotic fluid (contained by the amniotic sac), is the medium through which a baby get his food and other nourishment. As soon as the baby's kidney had finished developing, the baby start to pee. The pee get mixed with the amniotic fluid which they tend to drink back as nutrient. 

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