With this Trick, You Can Boil an Egg in Just one minute

Nov 26, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

There are several tricks and hack we can use to accomplish a whole lot of tasks, is just that we are often not aware of them. Although egg is one of the quickest food in the world that needs heat to get cooked, but It is still very hard to boil an egg to a complete done in just few minutes. Even if you are using the best pressure cooker in the world, to get an egg done withing one minutes is still very much unlikely. However, there is a way to achieve this, a trick you can employ to cook your egg in just one minutes.

With this trick, you wouldn't have to get late for work unnecessarily.

First make sure you have everything. You are going to be needing; a Microwave, bowl, Water and egg.

* Firstly, fill the bowl with a layer of warm water. 

* Crack the egg into it.

* Put the bowl with the egg into the microwave for one minute (at 800 Watts).

* Bring the bowl out after one minutes.

* Use a spoon to remove the boiled egg from the water.

Bingo! there you have it, a complete boiled egg.   

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