Why You Should Probably Not Use the Air Condition in Your Car

Nov 26, 2019 By Kayode Oseh 2.7K

There is actually no modern vehicle that isn't built with an AC. This is one best thing that often come with cars and one of the major requirements in identifying a comfortable vehicle. It is something we all need in our vehicles and something we are usually very grateful for on hot summer days. Having an air condition is pretty much nice and cool, but there are some major disadvantages

* When you are on a fuel budget, turning on your car AC is something you should try as much as possible to limit or better still avoid. Air condition consumes fuel far more than you imagine. According to research a car AC consumes more than ten percent of every fuel you buy to fill your tank.

* Always try to open your car windows for ventilation when driving within a city. The reason being that you don't drive at a high speed in an urban environment and as such turning on your AC will actually consume much fuel. On the other hand when driving on highways, Ac comes in quite more handy. This is because when driving at a high speed, keeping the windows open slows down your vehicle, and this will increase the amount of gas burnt. 

* Research shows that people who are often in air-conditioned environments may experience chronic headaches and fatigue. They may also frequently experience constant mucous membrane irritation and breathing difficulties, leaving them more vulnerable to contracting colds, flu’s and other illnesses.

* Long exposure to air condition can reduce the moisture in your skin making your skin vulnerable to dryness.

Bottom line

Using car air condition can take a big toll on your health, not only that but can also take some bucks from your pocket too, because you have to buy fuel more often. With that being said, It is advisable to use less of your air condition. AC is best used when driving on highways but when driving within an urban environment, turning them off and relying on the ventilation from your windows would be nice.  

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