Simple Ways to Replant Your Tooth When Avulsed

Nov 22, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

All humans are often scared of loosing their tooth, of course they have every reason to be since its almost impossible to replace them. Loosing a tooth is something that seem quite rare in adults, but there are several occasions in which an adult can experience dental avulsion, most of which occur as a result of tooth decay or accident. Although it seem impossible to replace an avulsed tooth however, studies have shown ways by which a knocked-out tooth can be replanted. Ways that seem very effective if proper emergency conditions are met. But according to experts, you need to act quickly probably within the period of 30 minutes when the avulsed tooth is still viable.  

Don't pick up the tooth by the root.

Make sure you start by picking up the tooth by the crown and not by the root. The reason is to avoid damaging the cells in the root surface since that is the place that need to be replanted. 


Rinse off any dirt in it by using clean and ordinary water filled in a bowl. Make sure you don't use detergent, soap or any chemical that can damage the tooth.....using your spit is also preferable. When rinsing, don't scrub it and also make sure you don't dry, mop, or wrap the tooth with any tissue paper or cloth after rinsing.

Reposition the tooth

This need to be done immediately after you finish rinsing. When doing this,

* Hold the tooth by the crown 

* Gently push it with your finger into the right position in the socket.

* Close your mouth slowly and gently bite down on it and hold gently for few seconds to few minutes.  

If you cannot replant the tooth yourself, then follow these instructions below but make sure all is done within a period of 30 minutes for a very effective result.    

Keep the tooth moist at all times.

After rinsing gently with water, keep the tooth moist at all times. You can either put it in your mouth next to your cheek (make sure you don't bite on it) or place it inside milk.

See a dentist.

Bring the tooth to a dentist for a professional replant. However, if you cannot meet up within the period of 30 minutes, don't worry as long as you preserving it well, it can a bit stay longer than that.

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