Smart Ways to Hack Your Body

Nov 20, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

The brain is the most complex part of our human body, It main duty is to monitor and coordinate the functions of all the organs in our system. There is absolutely no activity either voluntary or involuntary your body can carry out without the brain being one of the organs giving such command. It is actually the sit and the center of everything, the database of our entire body that if in anyway can be hacked into or manipulated, we become totally or partially in control of our body. 

Below are ways you can hack your brain and control your body

Eliminate stress and anxiety through laughter

Whenever we are stressed, our body undergo several chemical reaction. This infamous reaction often lead to the production of chemicals that brings lot of negative energies to our body. It has been shown that laughing during the time of stress and anxiety can actually deceive your brain in a kind of way and make you to become more relaxed. It does this by hacking the brain in order for it to release some feel good chemicals called endorphins. In addition to that our blood pressure drops and oxygenated blood flows effectively round our body. All of which are necessary to eliminate stress and anxiety.

Using the opposite hand help reduce anger