These Things Are Bad For Your Teeth And You Didn’t Even Know it

Oct 31, 2019 Kayode Oseh

Our teeth is usually the first thing that gives us out. The best way to judge a person personal hygiene is through his/her oral maintenance. It goes without saying that the teeth is one of the most vulnerable part of our body and there quite a number of ways the teeth health can be compromised. One would always point fingers at sugar, soda and coffee as the culprits for toothaches but do you also know that there are other things that are detrimental to your teeth that you may not think of at first. Lets look at a few of those things.


Stress can take a big toll on your overall health in general. Whenever we are stressed our body releases cortisol, this stress hormone suppresses our immune system allowing bacteria to flush into the mouth which increase the risk of gum disease.

High blood sugar

High blood sugar can also affect our oral health. It makes the mouth susceptible to dryness because it causes a decline in saliva production. Due to the decrease in saliva, your teeth are more susceptible to cavities. This is often the reason why diabetics also complain of toothache.


Fruit are very healthy for our body, hardly would anyone think of them as bad for our teeth. But the truth is that fruits contains sugars that when acted upon by the bacteria in our mouth will often produces acids that attacks the teeth.

Drinking slowly

The amount of sugar our tooth gum retain when we drink soft drinks slowly is quite different from the amount it will retain when we gulp them fast. When you spend more time gulping down your fruit juice or sodas, your teeth get exposed for too long to the sugars contained in them. And just as we've discussed earlier, the bacteria present in the mouth can cause those sugars to form acids that attack the gum.

Rice, potatoes, and pasta

Whenever anyone hears sugar, the first thing that comes to mind is fruit, biscuits, sweets and soft drinks. They've forgotten that there are other foods that contains as much sugar as confectioneries too. These foods are mainly carbohydrate and they may at times be responsible for tooth problems we encounter at some point. This might be one of the reasons why most people complain of toothache even when they are not a big fan of junks and other sweet things.


Medications no one would doubt are also some things that could cause tooth decay, children are usually susceptible to this attack. Certain kinds of medication are known to slow down saliva production in the mouth. This can make your mouth really go dry. Just as with having high blood sugar, this can cause serious degradation of your tooth gums. Common medications with this side-effect are antidepressants, antipsychotics and cough syrup, cough drops, and throat pastilles.

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