Jennifer Lopez looks 20yrs Younger Than her Age -here is why

Oct 24, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

This great woman Jenifer Lynn Lopez has been a role model to many people both men and women. We will be lying when we say Jenny is not amazing. She is quite a lot, she is a producer, singer, actress, business women and a model, above all very wealthy. The most fascinating thing the intrigues people most is that she is 50 years and counting yet still looks fly and sexy. Many people wonder if she would ever get old. Beside possessing a wonderful gene, she naturally also works very hard to stay in shape and maintain a glowing appearance -her choice of diet is also amazing as well.

If you've ever wondered what diet Jenny could be on, then be glad to find some answers to your questions. She has decided to share some tips with fans about what she calls food.

Healthy diet

Of course she wouldn't be what she is if she wasn't dinning on something nutritious. Good food is the secrets to all beauty and fitness and Jenifer always knows exactly what to eat and when to eat them.  According to her personal trainer Tracy Anderson, anything organic, anything fresh are the only type of food that arouses Jenny's appetite and guts.


Everyone love starting their day with a glass of fruit juice and Jennifer isn't left out. Her favorite is a smoothie with red fruit, Greek yogurt, cinnamon, honey, some ice cubes, lemon juice and a scoop of protein powder. A cup of coffee also comes in handy when we are trying to start our day but Jennifer don't do coffees unless it is a decaf.


Anything organic and fresh is all what She likes. Junk foods are totally of limits for her. For her lunch, Jennifer often goes for a salad with lots of vegetables, salmon, peppers and zucchini. She also likes to add roasted pumpkin seeds, feta and shallots. She makes her dressing from lemon juice and olive oil. She also use proteins to augment her every meal. She gets her protein mainly from eggs, turkey, fish and chicken. Proteins are ideal for binge eating. They give me a full feeling for a long time and moreover it is the perfect fuel for your muscles,” Jenny said".


For dinner she is often served brown rice, sweet potatos or quinoa. One of her favorite dishes is grilled chicken breast with stir-fried brussels sprouts and baked sweet potatos. When dinning out, she goes to the restaurants she feels would give her all that she needs. According to her, “Most restaurants do offer a few healthy meals with few calories,”. I then choose a salad or fish with vegetables. Of course I also ensure that I drink enough water during dinner.”


According to her, she don't do junks that much but occasionally eat some unhealthy snacks, though in moderation. She loves Chocolate chip ice cream and chocolate chip cookies. Pies can also arouse her guts. 

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