Disturbing Facts About Facebook

Oct 21, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

If you've ever heard that Facebook knows a lot about you than you realize, don't ever doubt this fact a bit. Facebook is by far the largest social media platform due to the amount of data is receives and store on a daily basis. It will be interesting to know that this company is no longer what majority thinks it is. We all know that this is a community where different people come together to share information on a regular basis. But do you actually know that Facebook has gone far beyond that? It shouldn't come as a surprise when we say that Facebook knows you as much as you know yourself and may even know you far more than your parents do.

These facts below are facts about Facebook that may disturb you.

Facebook Knows When You Are Sleeping

Facebook has actually made it possible to track if someone was asleep or not. A 27-year-old Louv-Jansen coder from Denmark, developed a sleep-tracking program that automatically scrapes Facebook for data. He used those data on all his friends to know when they come online and when they log off. By correlating user IDs with a timestamp, he was able to build a graph of all his friends’ sleeping patterns.

Facebook Can monitor Sex And Periods

In 2019, a privacy international firm in Britain, discovered that Facebook has a way of track a women’s periods and the last time they had sex. In a survey, some group of women installed two App Maya and MIA Fem, Apps designed to control a woman's ovulation period and sex life in an attempt to manage their health and birth control. It was shown that these Apps in a way automatically shared these information with third party Apps like Facebook where they stood the chances of going viral.

Facebook Recognizes your face at all times

Facebook has a facial recognition tool called AI bots. This software can sift through data to recognize anyone's face even when they were not the one that made the post. Whenever you are tagged by a friend, this information is added to Facebook’s stack of information. And with that software Facebook has the 98 abilities to recognize your face. But what is most disturbing is that one day Facebook can actually use such an information against us or against our will.

Facebook Knows Where You Are At All Times

Whenever we think we are alone that no one knows where we are, we should always remember that Facebook does know. Facebook actually keeps records of our location and this information can actually be collected by a third party in other to track us. Although Facebook don't often display it for the public to see but the fact is that they have it in their records and can actually be used against us at anytime.

Facebook Knows More About You Than You Think

We all are wrapped in Facebook at all time performing one task or the other. Remember that whatever you do or whichever group you join on Facebook whether political, relationship, or academic, are usually monitored. And from your activities, Facebook can actually understand your attitude and things that you like. And in a kind of way may even access your level of intelligence.

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