Male Underarm Sweat Can Help Women a Lot

Oct 14, 2019 Kayode Oseh

We've known for a while that there is something fantastic about the male's body. Although we are not here to celebrate our male folks anyway -but i think they actually deserve some accolades.....Females what do you think?

Pheromones are chemicals that male animals produce. Whenever they release this chemical into the environment, it triggers an emotional and physiological responses in female. It is a means through which several animals invite themselves over for courtship.

This chemical has been a very important aspect in the sexual lives of many animals including human beings. Humans in particular releases this chemical in their sweat most especially the males. It is one of the ways through which males cast sexual spells on females. The pheromones can stimulate sexual desires in females whenever the males release them, that is why some women cannot resist any man at the sight of the man's sweat. It usually turn them on sexually.

As a woman, have you ever been turned-on by just seeing a sweaty guy? or a guy working out at the gym? don't be too surprise at this - It actually means that some pheromones spells are in action.  

Not limited to sexual responses alone, it has also been shown that pheromones in male sweat can also help women reduce stress, tension, and anxiety.  

Research have shown that the scent of a man may be a good music to a woman's nose.

In a study conducted at the University of Pennsylvania and the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, found that exposure to a male's sweat can affect the psychological and physiological responses in women: It can brighten women's moods, reducing tension and increasing relaxation, and can also have a direct effect on the release of luteinizing hormone, a hormone that regulates ovulation and menstrual cycle.

In the study, the researchers applied the sweat from the underarm of male volunteers to the upper lips of 18 women age 25 and 45. However, the women never knew they where exposed to a males secretion. All they thought was that they were involved in a study that has to do with alcohol or perfume.

After six hours of exposure, they were told to rate their mood. They consistently reported feeling less tension, less stress and a more relaxed mood. The researchers also noticed that the pheromones present in the males sweat also boosted the blood levels of a reproductive hormone (luteinizing hormone) by some significant percent, the hormone that controls the length of a women's menstruation.

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