Are Your Hands Looking Old? -Here is Why

Oct 09, 2019 Kayode Oseh

There are some people you would come across that after looking at their hands for a while, you would be tempted to look at their face just to be sure of what you are thinking. Their face may look young but their hands will put you in a state of dilemma because you are not sure of what to believe. Their face is saying one thing, their hands are saying the opposite. 

Your hands going wrinkled than any other part of your body, is quite a big deal. It doesn't gives you uniformity in appearance and can make you look weird to whoever that noticed. There are quite a number of things that can make your hands 52 years older than your real self even when you are barely 25, and this is actually something you might not like.   

However, it may look normal but you probably do not want people to give you an age you are really not simply because of your wrinkled hands -do you?. Although those gorgeous hands of yours will not look young forever, but there are somethings you must avoid if they are to retain their youthful glow -not limited to them but your body in general.

According to experts and dermatologist, there are a few daily activities we do that make our hands look older than we really are. If you would like to do something about it, keep reading.

Disinfectant gel

Do you suffer Obsessive and Compulsive Disorder (OCD) or you are germaphobic? if you are, then you are likely to use some disinfectant gel on a daily basis. This gel clear off germs and other microorganisms because of it richness in alcohol. Alcohols are very vigorous in their reactions when it comes in contact with the skin, it can cause the skin to dry up easily. Your hands will get dry and wrinkle much quicker when you use disinfectant gels a lot. You can consider minimizing their usage or better still get ones that are rich in moisture.

UV Lamp Dryers in nail salon

You may want to consider limiting your frequent visit to a nail salon if you think your hands are aging much quicker than expected. UV Lamp dryers are used on nails to make them dry quickly, i guess you might have come across one before most especially the ladies. UV Lamps has a negative impact on the skin -it can dry them up and make them go wrinkle. Try and limit your frequent visit to a nail saloon and give your self a DIY manicure at home. There are several ways to treat your nails yourself and still have a good well buffed and beautiful nails. Just know the right thing to use that's all.

Doing the dishes

This is the major culprits to this entire problem among many people. If you probably don't have a dish washer, then you may not be completely safe from this. We all know how corrosive laundry detergents and soaps can be. They can dry up the oil layers on our skin and make our skin loose it nourished appearance. Most workers in restaurants who are in charge of doing the dishes are at a higher risk of this. Protect your hands by wearing gloves each time you do the dishes, although we understand that you are not a nurse but learn to be one when doing the dishes, that may just be your only safety.   

Washing your hands

pH neutral soaps are the best for washing hands according to dermatologists. Their neutrality means that they are neither alkalinic nor acidic and they don't corrode the skin as much as standard soaps -which made them great alternatives. Whenever you buy a soap, read their instructions to know if they are neutral or not in their pH.

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